What does it mean to dream of heights

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Dreaming of heights is a common dream because it is related to our mood. We should not be afraid of dreaming of heights because it can be interpreted positively or negatively depending on details and our current life situation. You can be expecting to fly soon and you could have a dream about airports.

Most of the time, dreaming of heights indicates your strength and effort towards the situations that are presented to you. In our dreams, we see what our subconscious is trying to tell us. It is essential to know how to interpret these signs.

Meanings of dreaming of heights

Dreaming of great heights

If in your dreams, you are at the top of something where you can see the world around you – it is an excellent sign. It is an indicator to you that something good is coming, that you will reach the goals you have set for yourself.

If during sleep, you feel a sense of calm and tranquillity, you can add that you are very close to being successful in your professional career or any goal you have set.

On the other hand, if you feel fear, because this indicates that you need to risk more to get what you want, many times it is not because it is a bad idea but for not knowing how to project it and dare to take the risk.

To dream that you fall from a great height

Whenever we have a dream, our subconscious is trying to send us a message, and if in the middle of it happens that you are falling into a vacuum, it is not a very good sign.

When this happens, it is a sign of what is happening with your personal and emotional life. You cannot let yourself fall down because of difficult situations happening in your life at the moment. It is a sign that is time to seek solutions.

To dream of being taller than another person

It is not necessarily a negative dream since it only shows us the power we have over a situation that involves another person, and this interpretation is correct only if you are calm in your dream

When you feel down, irritated or desperate, most of the times you will negatively interpret your dreams. Your work environment and people you work with directly influence your mood and your dreaming.

To dream of being shorter than another person

When it is you who has a lower height in the dream than another person – it is a sign that you feel inferior to another person. For some reason, other person influences your self-esteem and is it being reflected in your dream.

To dream that you are falling from a great height

This kind of dreams symbolizes descending back to your roots, it means you are coming back to the beginning of your life where you felt happier and more satisfied. This dream also means that you currently lack something in your life.

When you go back to your roots can be interpreted by many as a failure in life; in reality, it means the opposite of failure. If you can remember how you started your life and remember it – it means you value what you have right now. It also means that you have learned important lessons throughout your life journey.

To dream of fear of heights

It is a pure feeling of fear that symbolizes the obstacles that arise in your life. Our subconsciousness is trying to tell as that it is not willing to throw you at obstacles, and that it will harder to achieve something because you lack the confidence and belief that you will make it.

Some conflict is happening in your personal or work life that makes you feel this feeling. It is essential to take into account the details that occur in the dream to be able to understand and interpreted the dream correctly.

General interpretation about dreaming about heights

Having dreams where height is a predominant factor is a reflection of the person’s mood, self-esteem or the psychological environment concerning workplace issues. Dreams with heights are rarely symbolizing personal situations.

The height represents situations of power, either as the person develops or as he faces it. You either have the confidence to dominate a situation that leads to success or gets carried away by a lack of confidence and end up in a state of stagnation. 

One way or another, dreams give a sense of premonition about what is currently happening with the person who dreams of it. It is up to each person to take the positive and the negative interpretation of what your subconscious is transmitting to you.