What does it mean to dream about prison

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When we dream about something that may seem normal but appears over and over again, and we remember it in a special way, it is because it has some meaning for your life. It may be a simple alarm about future problems or successes, so you should not ignore these kinds of repeated dreams.

Although it can be anything that appears in our dreams, today we focus on prisons. These are places that, as soon as we think about them, we feel a mixture of respect and fear. If you have had any dreams related to prisons, do not miss the following interpretations to know what awaits you.

Meaning of dreaming about prison

Dreaming of being locked up in a prison

To dream that you are locked inside the prison like a prisoner, and even have chains or shackles that hold you, even more, is because you are living very important moments. Changes are occurring that will change your life greatly and can affect you negatively if you are not yet ready and do not face them properly.

Dreaming of escaping from prison

Escape from prison is a sign of denial of reality. You try to escape from some aspects of your life that you don’t like and so you turn your back on them. Even if these problems or aspects of your life do not make it easy for you to reach your goals, you will have to face them and know how to combine everything. Otherwise, you will end up not fulfilling your dreams or doing so in a bad way and with no one around you to offer you their unconditional friendship.

Dreaming of group of people escaping prison

When it is a group of people outside of you who try to force the bars of the cell to escape, it is because someone is trying to hurt you. Go carefully and don’t tell anyone about your intimacies in the next few days, because people may find out that they shouldn’t and you may have more than one problem. Watch your friends very closely and do not trust anyone but yourself.

Dreaming of being released from prison

If in your dreams, you have served your time and are finally released, it means that all your projects or ideas will come to fruition. You can relax because this is excellent news. As long as you act responsibly, everything you set out to do will work out well, and even better, if your health was a bit shaky, you will recover in a matter of days. As you can see, not all dreams related to prisons are negative, as this is one of the most positive ones.

An old prison cell
An old prison cell

Dreaming of seeing a group of people imprisoned

Seeing a group of people imprisoned just like that is because you are a kind person who seeks to help others without any interest. You do not hold a grudge against anyone, and you are always kind. These are very positive qualities that define your personality, although it is true that you could very well learn to say no. In some cases, you can be quite damaged after a betrayal.

If you have dreamt of the moment when you will get out of prison, even if you have not entered as a prisoner, this is a very good sign. It is often associated with success in professional and personal arenas. In short, you will enjoy a most successful time, although your fortune will make more than one person around you jealous so that you may get a few surprises.

Dreaming that your partner is imprisoned

Dreaming that your partner or the person you like is imprisoned is because deep down, you don’t trust that person. Although you’re supposed to know enough about your partner, you can’t tell the whole truth, and you’re not sure how faithful they are. The best thing you can do is to open your heart and try to get to know this person better, you can try it by talking, or you will have to take other measures.

When a jailer is the protagonist of your dream is because someone seeks to harm you. Do not get carried away by the manly aspect of the jailer (it is a man in almost all dreams), because people who try to convey badly can be both men and women.

Conclusion of dreaming about prison

These are some of the dreams you will find most in the world of interpretations. Although not all of them are as negative as you may have imagined at first, this is indeed an element that already generates concern and some anxiety. We hope that we have helped you in your search for meaning and we invite you to share your experience with us.