What does it mean to dream of the deceased

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We told you the meaning of dreaming about dead people. The dreams we have are one of the few things, at the moment, that are beyond the control of human beings. When we go to sleep, we don’t know what we will find in our dreams or even if we will remember anything about them later. What is true is that in most dreams, elements appear that we have recently seen and somehow our short-term memory has retained. In these cases, the dreams do not have high validity, because these elements appear as a copy of the reality closest to you.

When we talk about dreams in which someone appears dead, the matter becomes severe and of course, immensely sad. For some people, dreaming about someone who has died and is a loved one, is even a gift where you can see that person again. It is true that these dreams, for better or worse, appear more often when the dreamer has just lost the person he sees in his dreams.

We know that this is a delicate subject that requires the greatest sensitivity, so we will try to explain the most common contexts in which we find this particular dream.

Meaning of dreaming about the dead

Generally speaking, dreaming about someone who has passed away is because you would like to make something clear to that person and you didn’t have the chance. You have been left with the thorn, which mixed with the fact of missing that person makes you appear in dreams. This way, you can let off steam and express everything you would have liked. This dream is ubiquitous in people who unfortunately did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased.

Dreaming of a deceased relative

Dreaming of a dead relative or close person dressed in white is because that person we miss so much has finally achieved peace. This is undoubtedly a reassuring dream, for no matter what a sudden death by illness has been, that person is at peace, and his soul rests peacefully wherever he is. This dream can indeed make you wake up crying or sad emotions, but that pain comes because you know you will not see that person again and miss many things.

Dreaming of a deceased acquaintance

When that deceased person you know so well announces his return to take someone else with him, it is in some ways negative. This means that unlike the previous case, the soul of the deceased, who may be a friend or family member, is lost. It does not fully assimilate its situation and therefore appears in a dream. What this person tries to get is some kind of guide or companionship on that special journey. Although you may have found it to be a most illogical dream, you have certainly helped him or her to find their place.

Dreaming of a deceased family member or a friend

This particular dream is more unpleasant than the rest because in it you are discussing with a family member or friend who has already passed away. In these dreams, what is reflected in the feeling of guilt you still feel. It may be that you have left something pending with that particular person, and the discussion of your dream should not be confused with anger but with enormous affection. It is precisely this love that leads you to blame your friend or family member for leaving. You would like to go back and make up for the lost time. Don’t feel guilty, because there is nothing you can do now. Good therapy is to talk to that person both mentally and out loud because it is an exercise with which you feel accompanied and express everything you feel.

Dreaming of getting help from the deceased

Receiving help in dreams from someone who has already died is a very strange gesture that can be given, and even usually the dreamer is grateful. In this dream will be essential to remember as much as possible the words of the person who visits you, because it will depend on the meaning. The usual thing is that they come to offer help for something in particular, and it is precisely in that “something” where the message that person wants to give you. You don’t have to be afraid of them, because they only want to offer you information to help you and prevent problems.

Women in a dress at a festival of Death in Mexico
Women in a dress at a festival of Death in Mexico

Dreaming of driving with a deceased

Driving and having someone who has already died in your dreams as a co-driver is because that person appreciates you and has decided to stay with you to accompany you wherever you go. Even if in real life, you don’t notice their presence, they will always be there to help you. In short, he is your guardian angel, so this is excellent news. This is one of the dreams that can generate more confusion, but as you can see, it is something positive for you.

Dreaming of a deceased mother or father

If you have dreamt about the mother or father of someone who has recently passed away, it is because that person is anxious and besides being going through one of the worst moments of their life, they need to know that they can count on you for whatever they need. There’s not much you can do for the person who’s gone, but there’s a lot you can do for those who are left. This is important because many times we sink into our pain and forget that other people suffer just like us or even more.

Dreaming of a deceased woman

Dreaming of a woman who has recently passed away and who also shows us some personal item or childhood toy is because that person wants company. She is a disoriented soul who did not want to leave the living at that time and now does not know how to feel surrounded by people again. The best thing you can do in these dreams if they are repeated is to try to calm the deceased and make him see that if the part will be much calmer. Some people are very helpful to pray for those who do not know where to go because somehow you’re helping that person to assume reality.

Dreaming of a deceased person giving you lessons

When you receive lessons in your dreams from someone who has died, it means that they are sending you a message. You’re going to have to start making decisions with greater maturity and pay attention to what matters. You must listen to what this person has to say because this is someone special who only wants the best for you. Do not fear their presence and take advantage of this to learn as much as you can. In some cases, it can be a wake-up call about your fears, because what you need if you are a shy and insecure person is to increase your self-confidence and fight for what you want.

If you have dreamt of someone who is no longer among the living but is a person with whom you had unique chemistry and confidence, you miss both the person mentioned and his advice. You miss those long conversations or even those looks in which words were left over. Surely from now on that you have seen in dreams begin to see your life differently and more profitable every moment.

Dreaming of your own death

Last but not least, dreaming of your death is one of the most unpleasant dreams you can have. In this case, symbolizes your change, because you have suffered enough and circumstances of life are no longer the same person. This is the most common meaning, although you will not hide that for some people this dream is related to the desire to finish something you left halfway in the past, is often also something that nothing else to mention you saddened.

Conclusion of dreaming about the dead

As you can see, death is a sad subject but one that provokes such a reaction in people that it presents itself in dreams in a thousand different ways. No wonder, because we have all feared even awake for everything related to death or the loss of those people we love so much. It is a complex issue, but it is true that in most cases should be released from all that is thought to continue with our lives and better accept the circumstances. We encourage you from here to share your experience and not keep anything inside you.