What does it mean to dream of someone you like

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Dreams are very surprising because when we sleep, it is our mind that is in charge of keeping active and creating these significant illusions. Of all the types of dreams, today, we focus on those in which the person we like appears.

If you have ever been lucky enough to start the day with a smile thanks to these dreams and want to know their meaning, read on.

Meaning to dream about someone you like

Before you proceed – there is a separate interpretation for dreaming about someone in general.

Dreaming about a friend you like

Dreaming about friends is the most normal thing to do, but if you dreamt that you liked one of them, it’s something else. When it is precisely someone so close to us that we like in our dreams, it may be due to a lack of interest on the part of that person or because we like him or her and what we would like is to be able to start a relationship with that person. In the latter case, the best thing to do is to reflect on it and if possible, open your heart to that person.

Dreaming about a teacher you like

This is another quite common case, as practically everyone at some time has felt (or thought they felt) something towards a teacher. This is mainly due to the morbidity of the teacher-student relationship. In some cases, these feelings are real, although the most common thing when you dream in this way is that it is due to a simple attraction that only reflects a fantasy, an experience that you would like to live.

Dreaming about a cop you like

This is the most common fantasy, especially among women. We don’t talk so much about romantic dreams anymore, but about erotic dreams. Because of the uniform, the risk they take on the job or simply their physical form, police officers are, along with firemen, one of the most desired public figures, so much so that dreaming about one of them is more normal than you think.

If you’ve had one of these dreams, don’t worry, it’s normal. In the case of having a partner, propose to change your seduction techniques and suggest how much you like these uniforms, for sure you will be surprised with an unforgettable night.

Dreaming about a boss you like

In this case, there may be a double meaning, because dreams are not always premonitory; in fact, they are signs of something that is happening in your current life. These dreams do not guarantee a relationship with that person, although it is true that it is a good way to know to what extent you are attracted, and who knows, if you are both free of commitment may at some point arise love.

Conclusion of dreaming about someone you like

As you can see, there are several dreams with people you like, although, in almost all of them, the meaning is the same, you feel attracted to that person. The truth is that they are one of the most common dreams and that more like because it never hurts to wake up after living a romance and idyllic desired as often happens in dreams.