What does it mean to dream about witches

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Witches are, for both children and adults, one of the great fears at bedtime. Many adults fear all kinds of beings like monsters, zombies, ghosts or witches. In this case, we are going to focus on witches, as many users want to know the meaning of dreaming about them. And the fact is that besides your scary role, witches are elements that can have many interpretations depending on the dream.

Meaning of dreaming about witches

Witches are traditionally associated with hurtful and evil beings, so many times when you dream about them more dreams, you have real nightmares. In these general cases in which terrifying witches appear, the broader meaning of the dream is related to the frustration of failures or unfulfilled dreams.

Dreaming of witches surrounding you

When several witches appear surrounding you in the dream, but you are not afraid but try to act normally and do not feel any fear, although uncomfortable, you will have to strengthen your character. This dream brings out a part of your personality quite weak because you are a person who when surrounded by several people, lose almost all the will and adapt to the rest, i.e. you are quite influential. This will bring you many problems. We recommend that you start saying the word “No” more often and express your opinion without fear.

Dreaming of a witch chasing you

When a witch chases you, it is because more than one problem will appear in your life. In these cases, the issues are usually sentimental. If you have a partner, you will have some arguments or worse, problems of trust and their subsequent disappointments. If you do not have a partner, then we talk about great difficulties in getting a date with that person you like so much or problems during the same.

Dreaming about a flying witch

A flying witch is a sign of effort and dedication. You are making a great effort to reach your goals, and the best thing of all is that you know that something can go wrong, you are aware of all the risks. In any case, you will find the strength you need to keep going and accomplish everything you set out to do.

A mother and a baby in a witch costume
A mother and a baby in a witch costume

Dreaming of a witch approaching you

When a man dreams of a witch’s approach, it is because someone around him is negative. If this is your case, you will have to walk with a thousand eyes, because someone very close to you is looking to harm you and although we do not know how he will try a couple of times. Do not be fooled and think very well what to do or what to say for a couple of days.

Dreaming of going to a witches meeting

Going to a witches’ meeting where you feel comfortable and don’t have any negative emotions is a sign of success. Both your social relationships and your inner strength will improve in a matter of time, and all this will help you overcome the obstacles that may arise. Thanks to your creativity, you will be able to achieve happiness, because you know how to react to all kinds of situations, and you come out of them with wit and kindness.

Dreaming of becoming a witch

When you dream that you are a witch yourself, it is because you have more than one fear or worry in you. If someone has misbehaved with you recently and done you a lot of harm, it is very likely that you now have some negative feelings with which you seek revenge, but suppressing these emotions doesn’t help you at all. You are not an impulsive person; you will know how to control yourself as you have always done. Even if you don’t forget anything that happened, you will be able to go on and keep your education intact.

Conclusion of dreaming about witches

As you can see, witches cover all kinds of interpretations, from the most hopeful to very negative ones. The best thing is that you learn to see the good side of the meanings or predictions so you can act accordingly and not let the bad news spoil everything even more. We hope we have been helpful and don’t forget to share with us all your experiences in dreams with witches.