What does it mean to dream about many people

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Dreams are a reality full of mysteries, in which many times we do not know well the message behind everything is a scenario that our mind has decided to show for us. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to dream about many people, whether we know them in our daily lives or not.

Dreaming about many people or some people can mean or represent many different things depending on whether they are known or unknown to you and your recent relationship and interactions with them when you are awake, i.e., in your day-to-day life.

Meanings of dreaming about many people

If you dream of many people you know, they may represent themselves in your dreams. When you do, there may be a problem between you that you need to solve to move forward, and in many cases, the problem will be the main theme of the dream.

Alternatively, a current life issue or concern may be similar to a past one in which they may have played a role.

Most often, however, the people in the dream represent different aspects of yourself. The person is then a projection of a positive or negative character trait or defect of yours, possibly an element that you always leave in the shadows of yourself (a part of you that you prefer not to recognize or that you don’t give it the attention it requires).

If you dream about a lot of people you don’t know, then they may represent aspects of yourself that you haven’t yet recognized, or that you are denying or repressing. They may be people you did see in passing during the day but didn’t realize it because they weren’t important enough at the time.

Another possibility is that they may be guides who have come to help you; you may want to pay attention to them if they have something to tell you. And if they give you advice, then you’d better listen to them. Maybe they’re that friend you’re needing. This is the advantage of dreaming about a lot of people.

Strangers can also represent someone who is acting strangely or something foreign to you.

If you dream about a lot of people but try to find someone who makes a mistake, it means that we are afraid of finding surprises.

If you dream about a lot of people making mistakes, it means you don’t want to face your real problems.

People feeding birds at central square
People feeding birds at central square

Dreaming about a lot of people, but feeling the presence of someone specific who is at home or in the room means that you have to control your feelings so that you don’t expose yourself.

If you dream about a lot of people, but you’re only with someone lovingly, it means that there is someone who has gone deep into your life, and your mind has analyzed the relationship you have with that person and how far they can go.

If you dream about many people, but among the people you kiss, it means that you are unconsciously looking for a relationship with someone.

If you dream that many people want to be with you, but you reject them because you want to be with only one person, it means that you have found true love.

If you dream of many people and you suddenly decide to start killing one by one, it means you want to get rid of your problems and transfer them to others. Usually, these kinds of dreams are given to our enemies or people who want to see you badly all the time.

Conclusion of dreaming about many people

There’s a good chance you’ll dream about a lot of people in your life. Therefore, identifying them by who they are is crucial to understanding your dreams. You will probably be able to associate many of the people you have ever dreamt about with a specific archetype or pattern of behavior.

Here is a very short list of universal archetypes to consider. But we should warn you that there are many, many more: addict, artist, athlete, stalker, coward, gambler, good Samaritan, gossip, healer, hermit, judge, liar, martyr, nurse, procrastinator, rebel, swindler, thief, tyrant, and victim.

Recognizing people in dreams is important, as are their qualities. Listening to what they have to say in some cases is vital. And if there are so many people that you can’t focus on just one, make sure you find a pattern in the crowd. I’m sure there will be.)