What does it mean to dream about enemies

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Friends and enemies are part of our daily lives, and it could be said that an enemy is more than a person who opposes our ideals but also does not respect us in any way and that is why this antipathy is born on the part of both. It is preferable to keep them away.

Meeting an enemy in our dreams is often quite contradictory and can be interpreted both positively and negatively, often it is the subconscious that is trying to express that it is time to make a decision with which it has some conflict, and that has tormented him for some time.

Meanings of dreaming about enemies

It may be a project that you are avoiding because it is not among your plans or some emotional commitment that you have postponed. After all, you do not feel comfortable, and the figure of your enemy is that need to take the initiative or rethink your goals both in the short and long term, so instead of being something negative, it will bring you benefits by helping you make a decision.

The enemy commonly represents danger and can also be seen as a warning. However, you must take into account the context in which the dream develops, as well as the links with the thoughts, lifestyle and situations that you are going through and try to understand them.

Dreaming that an enemy will be taken by surprise

This may mean that some disaster is coming in any area of your life, whether it is work, sentimental or economic, and you will have to defend your interests.

Dreaming of seeing your enemy from afar

This can be perceived as a possible reunion with an old enemy or persona non grata, to discuss some issue where you have been in disagreement, where you will have to defend your arguments very well.

Dreaming of being persecuted by your enemy

This can be seen as some concern that you have in your life that does not let you feel good, perhaps because you have acted wrongly with someone you have enmity with and want to solve the situation.

Dreaming of making peace with your enemy

This type of dream can be interpreted as something positive, and if you have a problem or conflict with someone in your life, it will have a reasonably satisfactory solution.

Dreaming of having an unknown enemy

Such a situation represents an internal struggle with yourself and a feeling of incomprehension on the part of those closest or dearest to you.

Dreaming of an enemy who is a beloved one

If you manage to defeat this person, this will have a very definite meaning indicating that the bonds will be strengthened whether they are family or love.

An angry cat on a table
An angry cat on a table

Dreaming that you are in trouble and the enemy helps you

You anticipates that you will be involved in some problem but that with the help of a close friend you will be able to get out of it.

Dreaming that you are being humiliated by your enemy

This can be interpreted as something entirely negative in your personal or work life, because it is a sign that a very trusted or well-loved person is deceiving you or making fun of you, causing a bad reputation.

Dreaming that you are kicking an enemy

Represents that soon situations will come a little strong, but you can get away with it thanks to your commitment to that scenario.

Dreaming that you are fighting an enemy

Dreaming of this symbolizes the discovery of some lie or deception by a person close to you and that in the face of such an event, you must make an intelligent decision.

Fighting with an enemy and losing or getting hurt: This is one of the most common scenarios that occur and symbolizes that you are not prepared or safe to make an essential decision in your life or to start new paths.

Dreaming that you are fighting with the enemy and winning

This scenario has a very positive interpretation because it reveals progress in your projects and especially in your economic or work projects, overcoming all the obstacles that may have arisen in the past.

Conclusion of dreaming about enemies

The dreams generally will have a personalized interpretation for each one. In the case of dreaming with some enemy or person with whom one has disagreed, it is possible to say that it represents so much positive as negative things, being in his majority negative. Therefore it is possible to take provisions to manage to obtain a proper outcome before the possible adversities.