What does it mean to dream of witchcraft

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Scary movies, conversations with our friends about unusual or mysterious subjects can result in real nightmares. This is especially true for children because any dark scene is a cause for immediate panic and can ruin their sleep.

Although in adults, this happens to a lesser extent, it does happen too. Being afraid of the unknown is natural and is nothing to be ashamed of. Dreaming of witchcraft, dark magic or any sorcery has two general meanings.

The first refers to the fear of being excluded by those around you or by people who are special to you. In contrast, the second interpretation speaks of deception and betrayal out of genuine interest on the part of people around you.

In addition to the two meanings above, each dream has some particular details that make its interpretations different. For you to know more precisely what your dream related to witchcraft means, read the following points carefully.

Meaning of witchcraft dreams

When in your dreams, you are the one who performs the witchcraft, and you get what you set out to do, it means that in real life, you have a great impact on other people. You know how to handle people and if you want you can manipulate them to your liking. You have likely gotten something from someone because of your gift of manipulation, something that will certainly not bring you anything useful. All of this can turn into problems for you or uncomfortable situations.

If you have good intentions when performing witchcraft and do not seek to harm or take advantage of anyone, you will have pleasant surprises and the best news. Everything will be fine, at least for a while, and you will have good company. Let the people who want to take care of you and enjoy these positive days in your life. Surprises may be small details, but they will turn your routine upside down and will come in handy. You will gain confidence and self-esteem, which will make you feel great about yourself.

Typical witchcraft merchandise
Typical witchcraft merchandise

Dreaming of being manipulated by witchcraft

Dreaming that others are manipulating you through witchcraft is associated with current problems. There is something you are not doing that is not right, and if you do not correct it, you will have serious consequences for yourself, and it will take you a great effort to change it. We recommend that you reflect on your decisions and change as much as possible everything you know that will only bring problems. It is a simple way to avoid disappointment and stop dreaming about this type of uncomfortable external control.

Dreaming of resisting witchcraft spell

If you manage to resist the spell and get rid of its consequences, so to speak, it is because the strength of your personality is enormous. Nothing and nobody can beat you, and although many negative things attack you and surround you, you know how to get out of all these situations. Although you indeed know how to stand on your own two feet, it would be ideal if you also knew how to accept help from others and begin to trust a little more in the abilities of others, because you are not the only person who can help you.

Dreaming of spells and charms

Dreaming of spells and charms is a sign of subordination. You feel controlled by other people, and this situation can be very distressing. You should start to get out your character, because you have it, and politely show others your opinions. Do not be afraid of anyone and learn to avoid negative people in your life. They will only bring you unnecessary upset.

Conclusion of dreaming about witchcraft

So far, the most common types of witchcraft dreams. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t more, but that among these five types, many others can be classified even if they are slightly different. Be sure to interpret your dreams and find out what they are telling you.