What does it mean to dream of shit or pooping

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Just as we have seen the meaning of dreaming with urine before, today, we focus on dreams with poo. As scatological as it may seem, this is one more dream element that is just as revealing as any other, it is not the most common, but it appears in dreams much more than you imagine. To help all those people who dream about feces and then do not find answers to their questions, we present a series of contexts in which feces are the most representative element of the dream.

Meaning of dreaming of shit or pooping

Whether in the world of gambling or according to the saying, poop is an element that promises good luck, so the more general meaning could not be other than good fortune. You will experience a series of positive changes that will change your life little by little and make you feel full of vitality. If you also remember in your dream to be in the toilet surrounded by your excrements, it is because you are going to receive an economical amount of the most generous.

Dreaming of another person stepping in poo

When in dreams, you see another person stepping in poo is because, in your real life, you are the envy of someone very close to you. It may be because of your efficiency at work or your relationship with someone else, but whatever the reason for your jealousy, you must be careful with that person. In these cases, the jealous person will look for a way to take away what he or she wants, so he or she will try to make comments behind your back, and the worst thing is that they will all be lies that can damage your reputation at work or your partner’s stability.

Dreaming of stepping in the poop

If, on the other hand, you are the one stepping in the poop, it means that your luck is going to change little by little. In most cases, this happens, as the famous saying goes, that within the bad luck of stepping on something so unpleasant, good fortune will smile on you. This dream will show you how, in a matter of time, those little worries of the day to day begin to disappear or be resolved.

Dreaming of doing a poo

Getting poo-poo in your dream means that you will receive a fairly generous amount of money. This type of dream indicates that it is something you already knew, as it can be from an inheritance you were expecting to a debt someone had with you. In any case, the money will relieve your financial situation and, of course, your quality of life will improve almost instantly. The only thing you will have to do not to fail is to use your money wisely and if possible, save some of it. This will allow you to have a mattress in case anything unexpected happens.

Using toilet as garden bed
Using toilet as garden bed

An uncontrollable urge to relieve yourself means a period of high stress in your dreams. For a while now, you have been devoting yourself one hundred percent to one aspect of your life, which is usually working. This effort and dedication are necessary, but you also need to rest and pay some attention to your family and loved ones. Even if you can’t do much at the moment, try to find little moments of disconnection in which to walk around, go for a drink or watch a movie. The positive side is that little by little, the pressure will be reduced, and you will be able to enjoy your life more.

Dreaming that you poop in a public place

Dreaming that you poop in a public place in full view of others is because you are such a modest person that even in your dreams, situations like this will come up. It’s not that your subconscious is trying to give you a hard time, but it is showing you your fears, which limit you in your daily life. They are fears that are holding you back and preventing you from advancing both professionally and personally.

Dreaming about animal poop

If you dream about animal poop, like cats and dogs, it’s because you’re going to have to stay alert. Someone in your environment will try to separate you from a specific person or place. It’s essential to open your eyes wide and not let this happen, because it won’t be very easy for you to get back together with that person or return to the place you were. Protect your environment and without ever losing the forms, make clear your intentions.

Dreaming of baby pooping

The dreams in which appear the poop of a baby is because the life of that little one will be accompanied by good luck. You can be a very successful person if you try hard. If you don’t recognize the baby in the dream, it’s because part of that luck will pass into your life and help you resolve conflicts or any problem.

Dreaming of a yellow poop

When in the sleep poop is yellow, it is a bad sign because it is usually directly related to health problems. It can range from a minor sprain to a serious infection or illness. To avoid possible complications, we recommend you to be especially careful in the following days and avoid committing crazy things as much as possible. In some cases, besides the yellow colour, there is a special reminder of an unpleasant smell, which only makes the situation worse, because it does not mean anything good. Go to the doctor for a routine check-up as soon as possible.

Conclusion of dreaming of shit or pooping

As you may have noticed, with the exception of a couple of cases, dreaming about poop is a very positive thing. Good luck is associated with this element, and as soon as it appears in dreams, it is because, in a matter of days, you will begin to see the changes that the dream predicts. Surely someone wants to tell their personal experience with this type of dream, and we are eager to read your anecdotes and learn even more about the interpretation of dreams.