What does it mean to dream of darkness

What does it mean to dream of darkness

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To dream of darkness is always a reference to evil, fear, dread, anguish. Since childhood is what we have feared the most, not being able to see anything overwhelms us and causes panic, even though we understand that it is a simple state of lack of clarity. Darkness has always been related to evil, just as light represents good.

Even in the movies, darkness is portrayed as something dark, which may predispose us to fear it. The simple idea of knowing that danger may be approaching us, someone who hides in the darkness disturbs us and fills us with commotion, reflecting in dreams those fears that we can feel in dreams where darkness is the protagonist.

Meaning of dreaming of darkness

Usually, dreaming that we are in the dark is related to the depression that we may be living at the moment. It can even be related to the loss of a close relative, that grief can lead us to the most horrible dream and bring out our fears. Let’s see some types of dreams related to darkness:

To find yourself locked in a dark room

It expresses that the dreamer is waiting for a solution to a specific situation, whether it is related to your work or on a personal level.

Dreaming of walking alone in the dark

It alerts us that we do not know the path we choose or that it is full of doubts about where this path will lead us. It means that we are unsure of the decision taken. It usually happens almost always when the person resigns from his job or similar due to our vulnerability and insecurity about the near future.

Dreaming of a dark house

To dream that there is darkness in the house or that the light has gone out represents moments of uncertainty and darkness for the family. It can also be interpreted that there is something about the family or partner that we do not know.

Dreaming about a dark car

If you are inside a vehicle and the interior is dark it indicates that we have made bad decisions and the direction of our life has been diverted.

Dreaming of looking in the dark

Looking for someone in the dark indicates that we are searching for something that will lead us to make a good decision.

Dreaming of losing a child in the dark

Losing a child or a friend in the dark indicates that there is a risk of losing important relationships because of anger. It is talking about taking things calmly so as not to hurt loved ones.

Dreaming of a dark wet night

To dream of a dark and rainy night it alerts us that we are on the edge of the abyss. We must seek help immediately.

Dreaming of light in dark place

To be in a dark place and suddenly the light comes – it represents that at the end of the storm comes the calm, that the solution to the problems will come.

Dreaming of being safe in the dark

Feeling safe in the dark – it tells us that we prefer not to know certain things. Maybe we just need time and space for self-analysis.

Dreaming of being lost in the dark

Being lost in the dark tells us that we are sunk in anguish, insecurity and depression. Most likely, we have a problem that does not leave our mind.

Dreaming of sudden darkness

To dream of sudden darkness – in this dream means a bad omen. It can be a stroke of bad luck in a business where you want to undertake. The only way out is to overcome this bad omen, to illuminate the sun before the end of the day.

Conclusion of dreaming of darkness

The house of dreams represents the family. If there is darkness in it, it warns us of family disputes or complex problems. Psychologically dreaming of darkness leads us to analyze what we have done since it is usually an indication that we have lost the north or hidden things from our environment.

To dream of darkness leads us to plunge into uncertainty (since we are in the dark and we do not know how to get out), insecurity (since we feel the same fear as when we were children), loneliness (it is the barrier of not having anyone else with us) and threat (it is to be forewarned in the middle of the darkness and often feel vulnerable).