What does it mean to dream about spirits

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Spirits also are known as ghosts or poltergeists appear in some of our dreams, and these elements are often associated in dreams as a warning. Usually, when you dream about something like this it is because there is something in your life that you should change. However, it is never advisable to be guided by general interpretations, as these change radically according to the context and circumstances of each person.

There are many options when it comes to grouping these dreams, so to facilitate the explanation, we have decided to do it in two different categories. The sections will be the interpretations according to the aspect of the spirit or ghost and the meaning according to the action of the same one.

Meaning of dreaming about spirits

Spirit entering body dream meaning

Spirit entering body dream can have several meanings. First, someone new will enter your life, bringing good things. And the second may be an indication that someone is influencing you too much, taking some control over your actions. You get the feeling that you are not yourself. So, once again, don’t abandon your principles and values. Stand firm, and don’t lose sight of who you are.

Dreaming of seeing a spirit

It may be related to the fear of death. You may have a family problem or perhaps an issue of your own, and this fear and insecurity could be affecting you.

Also, you may have recently suffered a bad experience that manifests in the dream as a kind of mourning. Here it can be very important to find out which spirit it is and its intention. Usually, seeing a spirit is related to the fear of death.

Dreaming of talking to spirits

In this case, there may also be a relationship with the fear of death, but the most important thing in this dream is understanding what the spirit wants to convey. That is, what the spirit is telling you in that dream. This is very important because it may be trying to guide you to overcome some problem or challenge.

Therefore, talking to a spirit should not be a reason to be afraid. It may have presented itself to help you. Also, this dream may mean that you are evolving as a person. Your attitudes towards others are positive, and this is a reason to be proud and continue to grow spiritually.

Dreaming of a spirit of light

A spirit of light may relate directly to your current state. This dream indicates that you are a person who emanates light to others—a good person within yourself. Therefore, the light spirits in your dreams show the protection you should receive.

There is an attunement between your state and that of the spirits. Good things attract good things. Continue to be a person of light to others, and more light will come to you. Enter this virtuous circle, and good things will happen for you and the people closest to you.

Dreaming of being a spirit

This type of dream may indicate that you are running away from some unpleasant problem or situation by becoming an intangible form, such as a spirit. Doing so shows that you are escaping from possible day-to-day responsibilities. Becoming a spirit shows that you know you are wrong to want to run away from it.

Therefore, take action and face your problems – if you don’t solve them, no one will do it for you! Try not to let your setbacks take on catastrophic proportions in your life. Face your responsibilities so that you can live in peace with yourself.

To dream that your spirit leaves your body

This dream is a warning. You need to review your behavior, as there is an indication that you may be sacrificing yourself for something that is not worthwhile. In other words, it is a warning to take some time to reflect on what you are doing and reconsider your life.

Take time to take care of yourself. It may also be a warning about some pressure you are receiving to make certain decisions that do not conform to your values. You need to be firm and not give up on them, as you could greatly regret it.

Dreaming of evil spirits

Dreaming of evil spirits can be frightening, but this dream could include an important message for you. It could be a warning. In this case, the warning translates to beware of evil spirits that haunt us in real life. That is, beware of people who wish you ill. Envy can be extremely harmful, mainly when it transforms into actions. Therefore, beware of those around you.

Another interpretation is that, in reality, others have difficulty understanding how you relate to them. In this case, it is a warning for you not to be a bad spirit with them, try to make yourself understood in the best possible way, being fair with everyone so that they are also fair with you.

Dreaming of good spirits

Good spirits usually say something that matches exactly what they are. They attract good things to you. Something very positive is about to happen in your life. So, stand firm and unwavering, waiting for the reward you deserve for being the way you are.

Dreaming of an unknown spirit

This could be related to a positive surprise coming your way. This moment should be cherished, as the surprise will provide you with a great learning experience. However, the dream could also refer to some problem related to some person or object. Try to understand the problems around you better and try to solve them in a fair way.

Dreaming of a spirit asking for help

Helping a spirit in a dream reflects on helping others in real life. It is of utmost importance that we take this stance in our day-to-day life. The dream comes as a warning for us not to forget. Therefore, when he asks for your help, it indicates that you must help others no matter who.

To dream that a spirit drags you and carries you away.

In this case, it may be related to some damage you have caused to the person represented by the spirit in the dream. Thus, the interpretation calls for a reflection on your real-life behavior. Acting impulsively and holding grudges against people can be extremely negative and generate resentment towards others. Avoid creating unpleasant situations, transform resentment into forgiveness and learn to live better with others.

To dream of the spirit of an acquaintance

It means that you are strongly protected. This situation may generate some envy, but you are sufficiently insured. However, it would help if you did not let your guard down. Do not be careless because you have this protection. Remain alert, yet always confident and optimistic because of the protection you receive.

Dreaming about a white spirit

A ghost in white is a traditional one in horror movies, books and comics, although it could also be that one of them appears in this way in your dreams. If this happens, you will have to remember your emotions when seeing it, because the meaning of the dream will depend on it. If what you have felt is fear or terror, it means that some problem will appear in your life and you will have to gather all the possible courage to face it and overcome it. On the other hand, if you felt comfortable in the company of such a presence, you will be lucky enough to experience a period of great success and happy events.

Dreaming about invisible spirit

When on the other hand, the ghost is invisible, but you can feel its presence in the dream it is because it is not observing well in your real life. You are overlooking something very important, maybe from a person around you who needs help to a problem to which you do not pay the necessary attention. On the other hand, it may also be about all those opportunities you don’t see because of your fears. You are missing the opportunity to improve your life in many ways and all because you do not feel adequately prepared.

When we look at what the spirit does in dreams, we distinguish two other very popular types of contexts.

Asian Buddhist monk meditating
Asian Buddhist monk meditating

Dreaming about a friendly spirit

If the spirit is friendly and shares a few words with you, it is because it is making you understand the need to change. You are not giving your closest friends the attention they deserve, so the spirit acts as an alarm that reminds you of the obligations of a good friend. Also, by not being attentive enough, you are losing a lot of information about them and, more importantly, about their true intentions. This involves a certain risk because you do not fully know the people in whom you place all your trust, so you better start taking care of your social relationships a little more.

Dreaming about a spirit attacking you

When this ghost attacks you is because someone wants to hurt you. We don’t know if it’s just one person or several, but we can warn you to pay more attention to the words of your colleagues or friends. These people are only looking to harm and are capable of using both offensive comments and all kinds of tricks. Don’t let these negative attacks affect you and try to ignore them, as this is the best way to annoy these types of people.

Conclusion of dreaming about spirits

As you can see in this kind of dreams, there are not many contexts analyzed. This is due to its authentic appearance since in these four cases, we have gathered all the information contrasted at present on these interpretations. From here, we wish that if any of these spirits appear in your dreams, it will be only to bring you great fortune and happiness.