What does it mean to dream about spirits

What does it mean to dream about spirits

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Spirits also are known as ghosts or poltergeists appear in some of our dreams, and these elements are often associated in dreams as a warning. Usually, when you dream about something like this it is because there is something in your life that you should change. However, it is never advisable to be guided by general interpretations, as these change radically according to the context and circumstances of each person.

There are many options when it comes to grouping these dreams, so to facilitate the explanation, we have decided to do it in two different categories. The sections will be the interpretations according to the aspect of the spirit or ghost and the meaning according to the action of the same one.

Meaning of dreaming about spirits

Dreaming about a white spirit

A ghost in white is a traditional one in horror movies, books and comics, although it could also be that one of them appears in this way in your dreams. If this happens, you will have to remember your emotions when seeing it, because the meaning of the dream will depend on it. If what you have felt is fear or terror, it means that some problem will appear in your life and you will have to gather all the possible courage to face it and overcome it. On the other hand, if you felt comfortable in the company of such a presence, you will be lucky enough to experience a period of great success and happy events.

Dreaming about invisible spirit

When on the other hand, the ghost is invisible, but you can feel its presence in the dream it is because it is not observing well in your real life. You are overlooking something very important, maybe from a person around you who needs help to a problem to which you do not pay the necessary attention. On the other hand, it may also be about all those opportunities you don’t see because of your fears. You are missing the opportunity to improve your life in many ways and all because you do not feel adequately prepared.

When we look at what the spirit does in dreams, we distinguish two other very popular types of contexts.

Asian Buddhist monk meditating
Asian Buddhist monk meditating

Dreaming about a friendly spirit

If the spirit is friendly and shares a few words with you, it is because it is making you understand the need to change. You are not giving your closest friends the attention they deserve, so the spirit acts as an alarm that reminds you of the obligations of a good friend. Also, by not being attentive enough, you are losing a lot of information about them and, more importantly, about their true intentions. This involves a certain risk because you do not fully know the people in whom you place all your trust, so you better start taking care of your social relationships a little more.

Dreaming about a spirit attacking you

When this ghost attacks you is because someone wants to hurt you. We don’t know if it’s just one person or several, but we can warn you to pay more attention to the words of your colleagues or friends. These people are only looking to harm and are capable of using both offensive comments and all kinds of tricks. Don’t let these negative attacks affect you and try to ignore them, as this is the best way to annoy these types of people.

Conclusion of dreaming about spirits

As you can see in this kind of dreams, there are not many contexts analyzed. This is due to its authentic appearance since in these four cases, we have gathered all the information contrasted at present on these interpretations. From here, we wish that if any of these spirits appear in your dreams, it will be only to bring you great fortune and happiness.