What does it mean to dream about God

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To dream of God is the most precious and imposing meaning that one can have, when one wakes up at dawn euphoric and full of energy, renewed and with great strength to go on. That is what it is all about to have dreams about this divine and omnipotent being.

Many of the people who are believers and seek from the beginning the hand of this unique being, show what it is to trust in his greatness and dreaming with his presence are encouraged completely and is that their belief gives them life and hope that sometimes tend to lose.

To dream of God is to have peace

Even if you don’t believe it and think that everything is fictitious, you have dreamt about God, and with his power, it is he who shows himself in your dreams, and the meaning is peace, tranquillity and divinity, there is no other way to call it.

Everything has been given because you are the person who most needs these qualities and that way you can revive yourself in all aspects. God is an everlasting being and will seek all possible ways to give you the peace you need and fill you with all the power you must have to conquer the trappings that may come in your life.

You should never doubt what He has for you and the encouragement He is trying to give you, because of your life and the advancement of your emotions and relationships, both internal and external, depending on it. Dreaming of God is what drives you to follow through with the ideas and goals you have set and thought you could not achieve.

Specifically, does God want to give me peace or just tranquillity to accomplish what I want?

The idea is that you feel good about yourself and that you can move forward, that you don’t stagnate if you want a concrete meaning. The fact that you are represented with the image of God is because he is peace and tranquillity personified.

Dreaming of God allows you to pursue what you most desire without abandoning it halfway through, don’t think you can give up everything. God has great ideas and missions prepared for you. If He lets you know it through your dreams, it’s reason to be happy and seek to undertake the journey you need.

Brown Ganesha figurine
Brown Ganesha figurine

Does that mean I’ll be happy?

It means all the good that you hope for in your life because God is all the good, he is magnificent in the universe, and from him, we all come. So don’t worry and find a way to move forward, since you have all the means possible and as if that weren’t enough, God is present in your life today and always.

Dreaming of God is the most divine and incredible thing that a person can witness, there will never be a scare when you wake up, but on the contrary, the joy will be unique, and you can never be so excited by a dream.

The characteristics of dreams are not as crucial in this case as in other dreams

You don’t have to be suffering from some disease to believe that God has abandoned you.

Many people believe that sickness is a punishment from God, but it isn’t. God is a reasonable being, and his whole being is full of goodness. The issue of sickness is the fault of human beings, who through experiments and inventions have created and spread countless evils.

That mutated microorganisms proliferate and these, in turn, form new strains like bacteria, parasites and viruses that reach the human being and spread them. Dreaming of God has nothing to do with punishment because as mentioned, he is not to punish innocent people and much less with the disease.

Dreaming of God is always good

All people are predisposed to suffer in some way, but we have a single God who calls us at every moment and is concerned about our welfare, this ensures that a spiritual mantle surrounds us and nothing terrible will happen to us if we trust our God.

We will be beings of divinity if we continue to fulfil God’s will, which he transmits to us during our dreams.