What does it mean to dream about coffins

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Our dreams are indeed a clear reflection of our state of mind, our personal experiences and our future. However, it is not something we can control, as it is our mind that is responsible for creating these wild, irrational and surprising visions.

In some cases, the emotions we experience in our dreams are even more important than the elements that appear in them. In this case, we speak of a somewhat dismal object that just thinking about it generates bad vibrations; it is the coffins.

This feeling of discomfort is not misguided about its meaning, because the coffin is associated with sadness, loss or other negative aspects. If you want to know all their meanings do not miss the following points. Coffins usually appear very close to the dreaming about priests or we can find coffins in our dreams about a church

Meaning of dreaming about coffins

Dreaming that you’re inside the coffin

It is not as bad as it seems. It all depends on the feeling you experienced when you were dreaming. If it was anguish, it is because something terrible may happen in the future, although it does not have to be very serious. If on the contrary, you remained in a state of calm is because there will be changes in your life and surprises that will be positive.

When trying to leave the coffin in dreams

It is because the subconscious tries to remind you of your emotions More hidden. This happens when you try to suppress your feelings or hide big secrets that you are ashamed of and do not know how to leave behind. In some cases, it refers to the need to release your real personality and stop hiding.

When you dream of a coffin all covered in flowers

The meaning is something more joyful. It is a sign of unity, a celebration. It can be the case of a wedding, a new member of the family or another significant event. The truth is that certain problems will appear before or even during the event, but it is serious.

To dream that it is another person who is inside the coffin at the funeral

It is not good at all. This comes to say that dark times are coming. Bad news that will cause you great pain and deep desolation. You will live a few days of low morale in which you feel like everything is against you. The problems need not be serious. It will be your attitude in front of them that will make them bigger, so we recommend you to be calm and reflective.

Dreaming that coffin moves on its own

It is because you will experience some ups and downs in the sentimental or familiar terrain. A very close relationship that you maintain will suffer small frictions. If you are proud, try to empathize with the other person, and everything will be fine.

Conclusion of dreaming about coffins

Seeing your name written on a coffin is likely to cause immediate panic, even if it is a dream. In these kinds of visions, strange as it may seem, the meaning is not negative. It is usually associated with a big change in your life, a move that will mark a before and after. It is a critical event that will make you better on a professional or personal level.