What does it mean to dream about angels

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The study of dreams has been commonplace for many years now. A direct relationship has been demonstrated between what our mind shows us when we sleep and our life from negative elements such as an ambulance to positive elements such as crystal clear water.

Although the elements tend to be positive or negative, depending on the way they are shown, they can have one meaning or another.

In this case, we speak of angels, a religious figure who is usually attributed to innocence, purity and happiness. However, as we will see later, their presence is not always good. Dreaming of angels is, after all, just another dream. Still, it is true that if you remember it in a particular way that fits in with one of our explanations, consider our explanation carefully.

Meaning of dreaming about angels

Dreaming about an angel or group of angels

If you dream of one or more of them from time to time, for no particular reason and with nothing but their presence, all is well. This is what we know as a guardian angel, and it means nothing less than that happiness is with you. Somehow it also means protection, because these figures take care of you, in your day today.

Dreaming of a serious angel

Dreaming of an angel of serious and rigid attitude means that something you’ve done wrong. It is often interpreted as a rebuke to your behavior, but if you can remember it in detail and have seen how it holds a sword, you should walk carefully. The symbol of the sword is understood as a severe punishment to which you will be subjected since your conduct carries with it some consequences.

Dreaming of a levitating angel

An illuminated angel is levitating. When it is an angel with a kind attitude that stays in the air but always close to you and enlightened, congratulations, we predict a successful future full of fortune and happiness.

Wooden angel figure
Wooden angel figure

Dreaming of a group of angry angels

When you see several angels arguing in your dream, it is essential to know that something will go wrong. It is not a very common dream, but its interpretation is very accurate. When this happens, it is due to a problem that will appear in the near future, especially in the judicial arena.

As we said, the options are endless, so each case is unique. However, analyzing dreams with angels in broad strokes, we can see how the feedback or feeling you have during the dream largely determines its meaning.

If for example, you have a good feeling we can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Angels themselves are kind figures that sometimes appear in dreams just because they are mystical people.  On the other hand, if when you dream of angels, you feel bad, disoriented and would not like to stay more in that dream, this is a bad sign.

Conclusion of dreaming about angels

This does not mean that your whole life is going down the drain, but that your conscience reminds you of your misconduct or warns you of a future problem, which should not be confused with a world catastrophe.