What does dreaming about love mean

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Dreams with kisses, caresses or any gesture of affection are usually reasons for joy. Today we focus on those dreams of love in which everything seems to be perfect, and is that we have all once dreamed of a special person and we felt like in a cloud, although the dream was not exceptional. Although these may seem idyllic dreams, we do not want to deceive you, because in some cases these dreams reflect nothing more than a lack of love in your real life.

As you can see, your mind knows how to show you everything that sometimes we try to ignore or overlook. Whatever your case, you must remember all the possible details of your dream to seek among our cases, the elements that most resemble and thus know their meaning.

Meanings of dreaming of love

If you have a partner and your dream of that particular person totally in love

It is because in real life you are the one who has very strong feelings and you couldn’t live without your partner. Your relationship is the envy of many others, and even though you have your differences, everything goes smoothly. It is a matter of time before you are both inseparable.

When in dreams you see a couple in love

But you don’t know them at all, it is because from now on you will be able to enjoy a successful season. Happiness will come into your life and, even if it has nothing to do with the emotional sphere, you will have good news. Enjoy this streak of luck and enjoy every minute of it.

Dreaming of an old love

Is usually happens because something was left pending at the time, and now you are unable to avoid that curiosity to know what would have happened. The best thing is to try to erase these doubts, or you can end up ruining your current relationship or making the situation even worse.

Teddy bear toys in love
Teddy bear toys in love

It means that you will live unforgettable moments. You are going through one of your best stages, and this is something you should value because you will realize how important that person is to you. If everything goes well, you will be one of those enviable couples that endure and as the years go by is consolidated more and more.

If you have dreamed that you made love in a public place

It means that you need to reactivate your sex life or you need to get rid of all the emotions that you are hiding. If your case is the first one, try to find someone special and don’t let your impulses lead you to anyone, because you will regret it later. On the other hand, if what you need is to express your emotions, it is best to find someone you trust to tell everything and try to find a solution together if you still feel bad.

Dreaming about the love you feel for your parents

It may seem strange, but dreaming about parents is a sign of gratitude. Parents often turn their lives over to us, and this is something we should feel grateful for life. The best thing is that you interpret it as a sign of love and if you can, give your parents a surprise.

Dreaming that you have an unrequited love

It represents problems in real relationships. You have been unlucky enough to have relationships where one party has always been more devoted than the other, which has meant the end of the relationship. This is a widespread problem, so it is normal that you are now afraid that this will happen again. The best thing is to let things flow and not force the situation, take it easy, and you will see how little by little, you will fit the pieces of the puzzle.

Conclusion of dreaming of love

Love is a key element in dreams because as you have seen in our contexts, all of them contain the most surprising explanations. We all need love in our lives, and although some more than others, it is important to know how to find the best way to channel all these feelings.