Santeria dream meanings

Santeria dream meanings

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What does it mean to dream of Santeria

Has it ever happened to you that you get out of bed in the morning a little shocked or scared by dreaming of Santeria even though you do not belong to that religion?

Here we will tell you what dreaming about Santeria represents. Maybe we can appease your fear that your dream meant something terrible. We will tell you the meaning of your dream and something else that will be interesting.

Santeria dream meanings

Is it bad to dream of Santeria?

No matter how young or old you are, you always wonder what I dreamt last night meant. Is it good, is it bad?

No matter what you dreamed, you should not take it to heart because remember that it was just that, a dream. If you dreamed of Santeria or woke up after dreaming of santeria saints, someone most likely has told you that it is bad to be careful or sleep with a wooden cross under your bed.

But that’s just nonsense. Besides, you must keep in mind that dreams are projections of our subconscious and that at least most of these projections are produced by the activities we perform in our day to day.

Dreams are considered possible future events, so we could say that if you dreamed about Santeros, Santeria, or something related to it, it is very likely that you have a friend, acquaintance, or neighbor who practices Santeria or that you are simply curious about the Yoruba religion.

Ifa Yoruba is divination and mystery.

What does it mean to dream of Santeria?

Suppose you are afraid that the fact that you had a dream about Santeria is something bad. You should not worry because it is very likely that it only means that you or someone in your social circle is a Santeria practitioner or will be very soon.

There is also the possibility that you will become a practitioner of this religion soon, so the fact that you have dreamed of Santeria does not have to be something terrible. Still, on the contrary, you should see it from both poles and not only from the “bad” point of view.

What does it mean to dream of Eleggua and Santeria?

Eleggua is the Orisha of life and death. He declares himself as the one who opens the doors that will lead you to happiness or misfortune.

Have you dreamed of Eleggua?

Perhaps it means that you are about to live a transcendental moment in your life. That job, business opportunity, or the relationship you long for will come into your life.

Remember, dreams are stereographic projections of our daily lives, and being Eleggua the Orisha that represents this part of our lives, it is not strange that you dream of him even if you are not a practitioner of the Yoruba religion.

Dreaming of santeria ritual sacrifice

To dream of a ritual sacrifice represents a great effort or something in your life that leaves you totally preoccupied with an excellent health cause. A ritual sacrifice symbolizes an upset feeling, a weak state of mind, or rejection of something close to you. Suppose you dream of a ritual sacrifice in the middle of an Aztec pyramid. In that case, you should stay away from any colleague who causes you doubt or discomfort in the coming week. Dreaming of a ritual sacrifice in the middle of a Mayan pyramid portends a brief but uncomfortable illness that will keep you away from your work for a few days.

Dreaming of a ritual sacrifice often foreshadows problems or difficulties in your private or public affairs. It could even foreshadow a vast change that will favor your company or you.