Dream meanings can't move

Dream meanings can’t move

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Some say that our dreams can be an essential part of our reality, so they could even tell us something. Those who consider themselves experts in dream interpretation and analysis believe that what we dream reflects our actions or may even predict our future. Dreaming that you can’t move may seem like a simple, uncomplicated dream. Still, dream analysts have extracted various meanings from it, as they do from all dreams.

Dream interpretation is a discipline that has traditionally been associated with psychology. However, it has relatively little to do with it. The cause (or rather the fault) is due to Sigmund Freud. At the dawn of psychoanalysis, He defended the idea that what we dream, that what is presented to us in our dream world, can be related to our way of being in the waking state, our personal problems, and concerns.

On the other hand, the interpretation of dreams is as reliable as astrology, the interpretation of magic runes, or pulling the petals of a daisy to find out if that special person loves us or not. The meaning that we want to attribute to dreams is totally free, subjective, and has more to do with our daily experiences than what we really are or what can happen to us.

Be that as it may, and whether you believe that our dreams tell us something as if you have a little common sense, we will see what it could mean to dream that you can not move, apart from the obvious and apparent meaning that you can not move.

Dream meanings can’t move

There are several meanings that so-called experts in dream interpretation attribute to dreaming that we can’t move. It may be a desperate dream, simply the feeling of being paralyzed by any phenomenon occurring within our dream. Still, it may also have some deeper meanings.

Can’t move in a dream because of helplessness

Proponents of dream interpretation argue that not being able to move in your sleep can mean frustration, helplessness, and an inability to properly manage a lot of anxiety.

It can also be related to feeling that we are unable to resolve the conflicts that afflict our lives. Our frustration and helplessness towards what we would like to fix but simply see that we cannot overwhelm us so much that we become completely paralyzed.

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Can’t move in a dream because of low self-esteem or inferiority

Another explanation is given for dreaming that you can not move low self-esteem, which is represented in the form of the total inability to move while you are in the dream world. It would be the manifestation of the feeling that one is inferior to the rest.

This makes that in a place as mysterious as dreams are. Where we feel very helpless, low self-esteem makes us even less capable of knowing what to do there, causing us to be completely paralyzed.

In a dream you can’t move out of frustration

To dream that you cannot move while dreaming means that you cannot vent your frustrations freely. You can’t scream, you can’t hit whoever you want, you can’t do anything against what you feel is hurting or distressing you. So this dream would be related to negativity and fear, the feeling that we do not have something very important in our lives under control.

Can’t move because of fear of saying or doing something wrong

Some people say that the dream that you cannot move is related to the fear of saying or doing something that you think may harm you. Although you could do what you would like to do, you don’t do it for fear of the consequences because it is your mind for a reason. You hinder yourself as a defense and protection mechanism against unwanted consequences. You do not know what to do, because you think what you would like to do may cause you problems.

Dreaming that you see paralyzed people

We may dream of people who cannot move, totally paralyzed by something they have seen or done. This is interpreted as if someone close to you is going through a bad situation, a situation that is so terrible that you feel as if you are afraid and not able to cope with that problem.

You may also feel a certain sense of guilt during this dream, not because you were necessarily responsible but because you see yourself as having an obligation to help them, and you are not yet doing so.

Dreaming that you can’t move because you are tired

Advocates of parapsychology see dreaming that you can’t move because you are tired as a sign that you are going through a period in which routine and stagnation have taken over. Life has become very routine, which brings physical and mental exhaustion. We are so tired that this tiredness sometimes moves to our dream world, causing us to have dreams in which we cannot move because we are so tired.

Not being able to move due to sleep paralysis.

And leaving aside the mystical meanings, we go to the magical world of dreams to talk about a more earthly problem: not being able to move because of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a disorder that consists of not being able to move or speak when one passes from sleep to wakefulness, that is when one is waking up and acquires a minimum degree of consciousness.

The person is somewhat awake but unable to move, which can cause confusion, nervousness, and fear, even if it is not the first time. This inability to move can last between one and three minutes. During this time, the person cannot move a single muscle despite being semi-conscious.

During this episode, it could be said that the person in this state is cognitively awake. Despite this, he experiences a sensation of paralysis in almost all of his voluntary musculature, except for the eyes and the respiratory diaphragm. The larynx is also paralyzed, which means that the person cannot say a word during the sleep paralysis episode.

A particularly disturbing phenomenon, a nightmare that has been transferred to the waking world, is that of hypnagogic hallucinations, which can be auditory and visual, and tactile. The patient suffers hallucinations because of being half-awake. He was dreaming with his eyes open and perceiving the reality surrounding him. They can see other people, have tingling sensations, hear voices, and other scary symptoms, although not indicative of a mental disorder or anything like that.

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Causes of sleep paralysis

There are several causes behind an episode of sleep paralysis. Among them, we have the possibility that there is another pathology, paralysis being one of its symptoms. One of them is narcolepsy, a condition in which there are difficulties staying awake during the day. Sufferers often have attacks of cataplexy, i.e., paralysis of the musculature, sleep paralysis, and hypnagogic hallucinations.

Another cause is severe sleep deprivation. The affected person may be having very irregular sleep patterns lately, so much so that even sleep quality is impaired. Instead of resting completely, they remain half-awake, entering a state of semi-consciousness and suffering from the characteristic symptoms of sleep paralysis. It may also be that there are no recent sleep problems but simply due to family inheritance.

As a general rule, sleep paralysis usually appears as an isolated symptom of little clinical concern and is not usually treated. However, if it persists for more than three or four weeks in a row or the person begins to suffer a significant deterioration in the quality of life and cannot sleep adequately, they should see a specialist for treatment.