What does it mean to dream of the sea

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As we explained in other articles, water is an essential element in dreams, because it is something natural that is associated with purity and goodness. However, if there was already a difference between dreams with clear water, crystalline water or dreams with water in general, dreaming about the sea directly is also a category worth attention. The sea is in itself a relaxing and necessary element in the life of many people, either for its beauty, for the tranquillity and serenity it provides or for health.

Following the guidelines set by ontology, a science that studies dreams, we will explain in detail the different contexts in which we find the sea in dreams as well as its interpretation and meaning. Psychoanalysis of these dreams reveals some very interesting data since the results are not always the most expected or reasonable. Next, you have summarized in points the contexts that we have considered like more important and routine so that you find the most similar to your dream.

Meaning of dreaming of the sea

Dreaming of a calm blue sea

Dreaming of the sea in a beautiful blue and calm is a very positive dream because it is associated with happiness and good luck. You are at a point in your life where everything may or may not go well, but you feel free and in some ways happy to be able to choose what to do next. It is a sign of serenity and positive reflection for your life. If the tone of the sea is light blue, it is because you have just overcome or will soon overcome all those obstacles that stand in your way and prevent you from somehow getting on with your life. Dreaming of a slightly darker sea but with the same serenity is a symbol of effort, because you will have to make an effort, but you will make the right decisions, and everything will come outright.

Dreaming of an agitated sea

When the sea is agitated with a strong wave is because you have problems and the bad is that they are problems that you generate. It is your fears that cause these problems and turn dull situations into complex ones. The bigger the swell, the higher the worries and insecurities. The feeling is no longer one of peace, but rather one of oppression and lack of control, and all of this comes from a security problem that only complicates your life. However, relax because there is a solution, you can try to make an effort on your own and overcome your fears or go-to experts to help you get away from situations to see them from a more objective perspective and be able to act decisively.

Dreaming of a vast ocean cruise ship

When you dream of a vast ocean cruise ship, it means you need to change something in your life. Go out more, meet new people, travel and try new experiences. Although indeed, our pockets do not always allow us to make the trips we would like to make, you can forever change that typical restaurant for one with exotic food or try new types of music, different hobbies or any activity that is out of the ordinary. It is said that we are animals of habit, but the truth is that when we do the same thing day after day, we feel without any interest or energy. Don’t forget to try something new, and if you’re embarrassed, I’m sure a friend or family member will join you.

Aerial seaside country road
Aerial seaside country road

Dreaming of swimming in the sea

Dreaming of swimming in the sea depends on your emotions. If you are calm and you swim safely, it is because you are living a stage of professional success. You will be lucky to have the support of those around you, and you will be able to show all your talent at work because you have never shown yourself in this way to your colleagues before. On the other hand, if you feel lost and the sea is rough or very dark, you are going to have some money problems. Don’t waste money in the next few months and you will be able to face these problems much more relaxed.

Dreaming of drowning

If you dream of your drowning in the sea and you can’t keep afloat, it’s a bad omen. Something terrible is going to happen in the next few days, and you are not going to feel good about it. If you start to think about what that might be and try to get used to it, it will be better. This way, you will soften your reaction and have some room to act. I’m sure you’ll get over it, and in a matter of weeks, you’ll be back to your old self.

Dreaming of sea at night

When in your dreams, you see the sea at night, you need to stop your routine to relax and rest. You can’t go on like this much longer, because we all need money, but if it means your health, it’s better to find another way to get it or find time to do nothing and enjoy yours.

Conclusion of dreaming of the sea

Although we could continue with a long list of thousands of contexts and situations, in these points, we have tried to collect the most common causes of dreams with the sea. As this is such an essential element in our lives, we wanted to detail in a more extensive way than usual the explanation of dreams. We count on your support and participation in sharing your experience, and we hope we have helped you in every way possible.