What does it mean to dream of rain

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Within the dreams, with water, we find many interpretations as dreams with seawater or with dirty water, although dreams with rainwater are different and need another article. Rain is made up of water, which, as you know, is an important element in dreams. In the form of rain, it is capable of provoking all kinds of emotions, as there are people to whom the rain transmits sadness, while others are encouraged and even like rainy days.

Of course, not all the meaning of the dream can be measured by the rain, but there are many other elements that you will have to take into account. Among these factors are the emotions, which help to know if the dream is positive or not, the context, and of course, the people who appear. These elements are impossible to collect due to their infinity, so here are the most common and general.

Meaning of dreaming of rain

If the rain of sleep was light, that is, sparkling, it is because there is something in your life that you do not like at all. You know precisely what it is, and in most cases, it’s something you can quickly fix. You need to stop and think carefully, and you will find the solution. It is not a negative dream because it makes you see that something as simple as an umbrella can completely change the situation.

Dreaming of torrential rain

Dreaming of torrential rain or tsunamis that even get you wet is because you have some fear or inner barrier. In some cases, this is a dreamer’s personality trait, such as fear of making new friends. In these cases, each person has to face these fears to overcome them, and the sooner, the better. On the other hand, if these dreams are due to specific fears for specific situations such as a project or a job interview, it is entirely reasonable. It would be best if you had some confidence in yourself because you are capable of doing more than good.

Dreaming of hiding from rain

If you keep yourself safe from water in these dreams, it means that in your life, you are surrounded by situations or problems that affect you indirectly, although not directly related to you. The best thing you can do is try to help the people you care about without getting involved in other people’s affairs, because the remedy may be worse than the problem itself.

Dreaming of rain in your house

When it rains in your house or your room, it is because you are afraid to show your true personality. You think there is something negative or dark in your way of being, and you don’t dare to show it to the people around you. You don’t feel comfortable with this side of you and try to hide it at all costs. This is something that not only causes you problems with others but also damages your self-esteem. The best thing in these cases is that you learn to love yourself as you are because only the people who love you will stay by your side no matter what you are. Start being yourself and discover that it is not as negative as you thought.

Riding bicycle on a rainy day
Riding bicycle on a rainy day

Dreaming of hail

Dreaming of rain or hail without any emotion about it means that you are going through a stage in your life where the days seem to be identical, and hardly any exciting things happen. It’s true that the routine is a bad companion and that it’s boring, so you’re going to have to find little gaps in your schedule to change this routine. Something as simple as going to the movies, eating in the park, or taking a walk in the afternoon can make a big difference in your mood.

Dreaming of contemplating the rain

Dreaming of contemplating the rain peacefully is a sign of happiness. In these dreams, you usually experience positive emotions, and they are associated with very big changes but happy. In some cases, it announces the arrival of a baby in the family, which can be a surprise or news that you were wishing for. Either way, it will bring you happiness, and you will feel fulfilled.

Conclusion of dreaming of rain

To finish, we will give you as a curious data the age range in which this dream usually appears, because it is between 25 and 40 years when more people dream about rain. If you’ve had one of these dreams, we hope we have helped and now understand better that message that your subconscious tries to give you.