What does it mean to dream of flowers

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Flowers are elements that both in real life and dreams have many meanings. Such is the importance of them that each type of flower has its meaning, hence the importance of giving a bouquet of red roses or daisies. With dreams something similar happens, each context in which the flowers are the protagonists, will have its interpretation and therefore, an implicit message.

Although the meanings of flowers in dreams have nothing to do with those of reality, indeed, people have always used them to express feelings such as gratitude, love, friendship or unaffected cordiality. It may seem ridiculous, but a simple vase of fresh flowers completely changes the perception of a room and even affects our mood.

The implications and effects of flowers are very interesting, although we have already seen some of the most popular cases in which flowers appear in dreams. Remember that you can only try to interpret those dreams in which flowers appear for no apparent reason, because if something in your environment affects the dream, as is often the case, there is no meaning to be found.

Meaning of dreaming about flowers

The most widespread interpretation that has been made of dreaming about flowers explains that these beautiful elements of nature represent positive moods such as joy, hope or illusion. It relates to people who are happy or at least experiencing moments of extreme pleasure on a personal or professional level or even both. It is essential to know that for this meaning to be attributed to the dream with flowers in general, they must be fresh and in good condition. If they are withered or in process, the meaning will not be as positive, for it will be emotions such as sadness, pain and loneliness that can be experienced.

Dreaming of receiving a bouquet

Dreaming of receiving bouquets is a perfect sign. This means that very soon you will receive a gift or something you have been waiting for. We cannot know precisely what it is, because it could be a job offer, a pet or a promotion. Whatever you get, enjoy it because you deserve it.

Dreaming of colorful flowers

The flowers of all the colors you imagine are in dreams a sign of happiness and positivism. They are dreams that people with an open mind, carefree and with a gift to relate and understand others that are exceptional. If this is your case, you must be keen to maintain your personality and not let yourself be carried away by the blows you receive. Envy will be one of the main reasons why some people around you will try to wipe out your smile.

Dreaming of field flowers

If you remember looking closely at a bouquet or a field of flowers where they seemed full of life, it’s because you’ve probably been through some challenging times and fortunately that’s over now. The truth is that you have almost gone crazy, but you have known how to keep your cool and be healthy. As a reward you can now rest easy and have nice, relaxing dreams like this one.

Dreaming of a garden full of flowers

When you dream of a garden full of flowers but are worried or see the flowers start to wilt it is because you are distressed in your real life. Most likely, it is money that is the biggest concern, even though you are afraid of losing your job, your home or other possessions. This is an issue that worries many people, and it is precisely this feeling of sadness and uneasiness that makes you dream of something like this. If you want to deal with it, you’re going to have to get on with it and start looking for ways to make up for the lack of money.

Butterfly on a blooming flower
Butterfly on a blooming flower

Dreaming of being a well kept greenhouse

Seeing yourself in a well-kept greenhouse with plants means that you will soon have great success in your life. Whether you are aware of it or not, you will have before you a great opportunity that you will not have to let go, since few like these are the ones that appear. This does not mean that you should accept any project and embark on an adventure without first informing yourself, but it does mean that you should consider all the options that will be presented to you. If you take the right choice, it will change your life.

Dreaming of planting flowers

If you remember to plant flowers in your dream, it is because at work you will receive all the recognition you deserve. Everyone will discover your talent, and most importantly, they will congratulate you on your great job. This can’t mean anything other than a pay raise or in some cases, retirement. What for young people is a work award can be a promotion, while for older people it is retirement with the peace of mind of having given the best of yourself.

Dreaming of wild flowers growing in the desert

When in your dreams you’ve seen wildflowers grow in the middle of desert landscapes, abandoned or even muddy and without any care, it means that hard times are coming. The positive side is that the flowers casually represent a tremendous inner strength that will make you overcome all the adverse situations and recover. Not everyone is capable of coping with problems and getting by, so you should be proud of yourself.

Dreaming of fresh flowers in a glass vase

Fresh flowers in a glass vase symbolize all those worries you have that you don’t know how to get rid of. You are aware that they are there, you see them through the glass but nothing you can do. In these dreams, some people come to break the vase, which means they finally decide what to do, and at least they have taken a path. The best thing you can do if you’ve had this dream is to look for small moments of reflection in which you get clear.

Conclusion of dreaming about flowers

Flowers bring out emotions, worries and aspects of oneself that we try to ignore many times. As you may have noticed, the contexts are very varied, as are the meanings. If you want to find the message your subconscious sends you, you will have to think very carefully about your dream and your situation. Don’t forget to ask us everything related to your dreams and share your dream with flowers by leaving a comment.