What does it mean to dream of flood

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We have already spoken about dreams with water in many cases, as the importance of this element in dreams is one of the highest. One thing we have not talked about so much is floods, so that is the subject of this article, dreams with floods. Knowing in advance the strength and symbolism of water, it is to be expected that this is also one of the most significant elements of dreams.

Even though it is water, as we have seen in other articles, it is not the same to dream about clean or crystal-clear water as to dream about rain or seawater. In all these dreams the element is the same, but the way it is presented is different; therefore, its meaning also varies. To explain all these interpretations correctly, we have had to group the dreams related to water in different contexts. In this case, we are talking about water but also about a natural catastrophe.

In this dream, in which one even experiences the risk of death or sees excellent destruction, the emotions are so strong that they can cause the dreamer to wake up very suddenly. Despite all this, they are dreams, and we should not let them affect us so much once we have woken up. The best thing we can do is to write down the details of the dream, so we don’t forget them and try to calm down by controlling our breathing.

Meaning of dreaming of a flood

The general meaning of dreaming about a flood explains the presence of problems. However, we are talking about a very common dream in people who have suffered severe traumatic experiences or have lived through some reasonably massive flood. In these cases, the dream should not be interpreted, as it is precisely one of these reasons that have generated its appearance. On the other hand, the news itself or even a movie may have also caused this dream. Look for the possible connections of the dream with your environment, and if you don’t find any, you can continue to interpret this vision that includes a message.

Dreaming of a flood in the bathroom

Dreaming of a flood in the bathroom represents your fear of change. You know that it’s only a matter of time before your life takes a 180-degree turn, and you’re not sure how to deal with it. You fear getting hurt even though this is what is commonly described as the fear of the unknown. It doesn’t have to be anything wrong, in fact, it may be changed to help you be happier. Don’t be afraid and use that change to move forward and feel better about yourself.

Dreaming of a great flood

When you live in a dream a great flood and also the water is filthy, the problems come into your life. Likely, these problems will also affect the people around you, such as your family, partner, or closest friends. You will not be the worst culprit, but you will have to look for solutions because you are the best person to do so. With effort, you will surely manage to solve this situation and save others the trouble.

Dreaming of other people panic in flood

Seeing other people panic in flood, swimming desperately to save themselves, or protect their belongings is one of the most traumatic dreams. As if that were not enough, the meaning is negative, nothing more, and nothing less than a big epidemic or problem is going to affect many more people than you imagine. It could be a health issue, a bank failure, a large-scale scam, or the loss of many employees’ jobs. Whatever the problem is, we recommend that you start saving now and keep an eye on your health, as we cannot know the exact origin of the problem.

Rainy days are main cause of floods in the city
Rainy days are main cause of floods in the city

Dreaming of a flood in our house

If the flood only occurs inside our house and we are not able to find the origin or control the water, you will have to overcome more than one family dispute. This symbolizes the lack of communication or the clash of different points of view. Most often, these frictions end in estrangement, although this is something you should avoid at all costs. The family will always be family, and it is not convenient to fight with anyone so close. To improve these uncomfortable situations, try to control yourself, measure your tone and words, and express yourself as sweetly and calmly as possible.

Dreaming of an entire city flooded

When it is an entire city that we see flooded in our dreams, people are looking to hurt you, and the worst thing is that they know how to do it. This is a good dream because even though it has a negative side, it allows us to understand the intentions of individual people and to prepare ourselves for it. It is important to continue acting normally but knowing how to choose words, leaving no room for betrayal. A guaranteed victory in the face of these intentions consists of ignoring or downplaying what that person seeks to cause in us.

Dreaming of a flood that causes victims

A flood that causes victims in dreams is a sign of a lack of control. You will not be able to control your impulses in some situations, and you will lose control. This can cause you to follow things that you will regret very much. The best advice we can give you is to start exercising self-control because, like other times in the past, you lose a lot when you get out of control.

Dreaming of helping others in the flood

On the other hand, dreaming of helping others in flood is associated with effort. You are struggling to achieve your dreams or to contain your more whimsical and childish side. You know what you want, but what you need, too, helps you focus on life. You are a healthy person who knows how to deal with problems and immediately pitch in when necessary.

Dreaming of swimming to safety in the flood

Struggling and swimming to safety from the flood water is a dream that often comes true for people with little character. Chances are you have always been the laughing stock of the school or have gone completely unnoticed. This means that you are a magnet for those who are only looking to do harm, which makes you more vulnerable. You have what it takes to stand up to all these people, so don’t let yourself be manipulated or fooled into showing that personality that you keep only for the people closest to you.

Conclusion of dreaming of a flood

Now that you know the different interpretations of flood dreams, you can start looking for common elements with your own experience and decipher that message that comes to you from the subconscious. Remember that interpreting dreams is not easy and that you need to reflect and analyze every detail carefully.