What does it mean to dream of fire

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Fire is one of the most popular elements, characterized by its strength and intensity. Fire is directly related to destruction, passion or even anger. However, fire is not usually interpreted as something negative that affects your life, as it is instead a kind of sobering alarm that aims to make you wake up in your real life to start living.

There are so many meanings of dreams with fire that it is best to establish a list of the most common contexts and situations in which we find this element. Below we explain point by point the different meanings in which we have grouped the most common causes of dreams with fire. In case you dreamt about tress on fire – please see what it means to dream about trees

Meaning of dreaming about fire

Dreaming of extinguishing a fire

Dreaming of extinguishing a fire is because you will be able to overcome all the problems or obstacles in your life. The bigger the fire, the more problems or obstacles you will encounter, although if you finally put it out you have nothing to worry about. You will achieve everything you set out to do, and you won’t be affected at all by other people’s comments, because you are a focused person who knows what she wants.

Dreaming of starting a fire

When you are the one who sets the fire, it is because you are going through a bad time in your life and this affects your mood directly. You do not feel strong enough to face the problems and need to fill you with energy and some confidence in yourself. In these dreams, what is extracted is an exact definition of character, because it is associated with strong people who, although they are capable of overcoming all obstacles, are very sensitive. This type of character is only associated with success in those people who are also constant and work hard for what they want.

Dreaming of putting out a fire without a scratch

By putting out the fire without a single scratch, you are reflecting your concern for something completely unnecessary. Not that it is a minor matter, but, indeed, it does not require so much care or fear. Let the situation flow by itself and don’t get overwhelmed because then the result can be much worse. In this case, it is usually a work situation where the dreamer fears for his job or his reputation, although it is best to relax and wait to see what happens.

Dreaming of an arson attack

Dreaming of an arson attack, which doesn’t have to be about you, symbolizes the anger and rage that you hide deep inside. Whether you are a person who tends to affect your emotions negatively or whether these dark thoughts are due to personal problems, you are going to have severe problems if you don’t change the way you see things. Not everyone is against you, nor does anyone think about how to make others bitter, since most problems are caused by misunderstanding or pure unconsciousness. You should not make those around you pay for everything that bothers you or seems unfair.

Bonfire burning at night in the wild
Bonfire burning at night in the wild

Dreaming of controlled fire

The presence of controlled fire in dreams is interpreted as a time of change and motivation. If you have wanted to do something really important for you for a long time and you couldn’t find the time, it is now when you should start to think about it seriously. In addition to having a perfect opportunity, you have high motivation, which will make you achieve the results you want.

Dreaming of watching your business go down in fire

Watching your business go down in flames is, oddly enough, a very good omen. It means that the strength of the fire will help your business prosper and improve over time. You will have more benefits than expected, and if you are an employee, you may receive a promotion. This is a very positive sign at work, although it is true that you will have to watch your family and friends because not everything in this life is work.

Dreaming of your home burning down

When it is your home that burns, this fire symbolizes passion and lust. You will live unique moments with your partner if you have, and also have the luck to have all the love and support of people around you. Only those true friends and closest family members will show you their love during the next few days. Enjoy this positive environment and don’t let bad influences damage your friendships.

Conclusion of dreaming about fire

Whatever your dream is, we hope we have helped you find the elements or contexts that are most similar to your particular case. Due to the infinite number of opportunities, it is quite difficult to find the general interpretations that will capture all the dreams without getting bored. That is why we have tried to summarize the most recurrent dreams and their explanations. If your dream is nothing like the ones we have discussed here, please do not hesitate to share your experience with us.