What does it mean to dream about giant waves

What does it mean to dream about giant waves

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As you already know from our other articles, water is a natural element that has great importance in the world of dream psychoanalysis. Moreover, as with other elements, its meaning can be positive or negative depending on many factors, although it is true that it has a specific general meaning. In this case, giant waves are usually related to changes and being large waves. We are talking about changes that will undoubtedly mark a before and after in your life.

In the following paragraphs, we reveal the meaning of dreams in which a strong swell is a protagonist. But, of course, we cannot assure that the interpretation of the dreams that we provide will affect you one hundred percent because there are so many variables involved that the same conditions that we have or that we explain to you do not always occur.

Meaning of dreaming about giant waves

To dream of giant waves of clear water is a reflection of your current state. You are in a perfect moment in your life in which there are problems, yes. However, you are also acting with full maturity, and you have faced the problems rationally and appropriately. This can make your life much better, of course. However, it is very easy for the ego to go off in these cases, and you end up being another different person who considers himself superior to the rest. So be careful and do not fall into this common mistake because life can change in a matter of hours or minutes.

Dreaming of surfing giant waves

Suppose, in addition to having big waves of clear water, you surf them in your dreams. In that case, it means that you are not having any problem adapting to the changes occurring in your life and whether you like them or not, you know how to react. You are not a person characterized by seriousness, but you do know how to separate the moments of leisure with that which requires a certain formality. This is very significant because it is precisely this attitude that helps you to overcome obstacles. If you have started a new job or project in your life, you will have to make an effort to stay on the board, although you will surely master it.

Dreaming of drowning in giant waves

When the dream takes a radical turn in which the big waves sink you under their power, significant problems will appear in your life. Your emotions during this dream are fundamental to know its meaning, although it is usually a considerable burden and fear. Take advantage of this wake-up call to prepare yourself as best you can and face the problems in a much more innovative way. This is one of those ”alarm” dreams. We can benefit from playing with advantage and knowing what to do when the situation arrives. It is essential that you try to remember the size of the waves because the bigger it is, the more serious the problems will be. The more difficult it will be to overcome them.

Dreaming of playing with giant waves

To dream that you are having fun playing with the waves, even if they are very big, means that you have made an effort to get what you wanted. You have been able to overcome all the obstacles. Now you have to enjoy your reward for that effort and live every moment with intensity. In this dream, the emotions will be very positive. Although you may be alone or even with other people, you will feel full and full of energy. In some cases, this floor may also refer to the victorious outcome of a great change that has occurred in your life. It would be something that would have benefited you and now allows you to disconnect to enjoy yourself.

On the other hand, if you know that there will be a significant change in your life and you dream of big waves, the dream will help you see the result of such a turn. Suppose in the dream you feel neutral or even happy. In that case, it is because everything will go well, maybe a wave will cover you, but this will be only for a few seconds because you will soon emerge. We interpret this as a process of change in which you will overcome all the problems. When it is rather the opposite, you feel bad. The waves do not stop overwhelming you. You will have to try very hard not to get carried away. However, the force of the water is so great that you will not be able to do anything in some cases.

Dreaming of giant waves coming at you

When in the dream, the giant waves advance towards you but do not reach you, it is because although something bad is going to happen, it will not affect you. In a way, you can intervene, but you don’t have to. It could be problems such as an unexpected expense from someone very special to you or a health problem that you can support. Be that as it may, this dream means that your participation would be advisable even if it is not something directly directed at you.

Conclusion of dreaming about giant waves

The power of water is devastating, and as you know, in some cases, you can do nothing against its fury. We hope that the waves have been positive in your dream and that nothing bad happens to you. If so, have our full support and do not forget to share your experience in the comments section with all of us because together, we can help each other and complete this dream dictionary even more.