What does it mean to dream of suitcases

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Although we usually think about suitcases only when we are travelling, they are essential elements in dreams too. Once again, we have before us something that at first sight seems everyday and straightforward, but that combined with specific contexts and situations, can transmit in dreams much more than you imagine. However, remember that dreams do not always have to convey any message, as many of them are pure visions that our subconscious creates.

Although only some dreams are significant for us, we tend to give great importance to everything we remember, and this small obsession may end up hurting more than helping. As is often the case in these cases, virtue is found in the average balance. We explain how to interpret dreams and give you guidelines so you can do it, but we do not seek to create any problem that can take away your sleep.

If you’ve never had a dream before, but now your dream, repeatedly, about suitcases, here are the answers. Do not get carried away by first impressions and think that by dreaming about bags, you will go on a trip because dreams hide all kinds of meanings that at first sight are not easy to see. Here are the most popular contexts and their respective interpretations.

Meaning of dreaming about suitcases

Although the general meaning of dreaming about suitcases is somewhat confusing, it is often related to the different needs of the dreamer as well as to worries and insecurities. These are the three pillars that define this element when it becomes the protagonist of the dream. The best way to know a more precise meaning is to search among the following contexts for the one that most resembles your dream.

Dreaming about open suitcase

Dreaming about open suitcases that are full of clothes represents the different opportunities you are exposed to. If you are thinking of starting a new business, changing your home or taking an essential step in your life, these suitcases make you see that everything is possible. You have opportunities and what you have in mind is not crazy. Some people, trying to protect you, will try to stop you. Don’t let anyone make you lose hope and follow your dreams.

Dreaming of empty suicase

When the suitcases are empty is because we need to fill them with something, but you are undecided, and you do not know what. In your life, you have to choose one way or another. You can not do everything because you will end up doing nothing, and the consequences will be fatal. It is your future that is at stake, do not waste any more time and do not get carried away by the simple ideas that sometimes stick out of your mind.

Dreaming of an overflowing suitcase

An overflowing suitcase that cannot even be closed indicates that a significant change is going to take place in your life, but you show signs of insecurity, and this can be quite negative. When you know what the difference is, whether it is for the better or, the worse, take it on board as soon as possible so you can deal with the consequences properly. Running away from problems or fearing progress are widespread mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Dreaming of a heavy suitcase

If you have dreamt of luggage so heavy that you could not even move it, you have so many burdens in your life that you can no longer cope. There are many responsibilities that you are facing right now, and you need help. You may not like to ask for help, but you must be realistic and know how to accept defeat. As soon as you begin to delegate or let others help you, you will start to progress in your life, and you will feel better.

Dreaming of an old suitcase

Seeing old suitcases in dreams without an owner, that is, lost, is a sign of an adventurous spirit. You are a curious person who questions all sorts of things that others do not even think about. You are eager to open your suitcase and gossip about it, which only highlights this mischievous and funny feature of your personality.

Dreaming of hiding something in a suitcase

Hiding something in a suitcase and covering it up with a great deal of fear in your sleep symbolizes the secrets. Chances are you are a shy person who doesn’t usually share your intimacies, or something has happened to you that you don’t want to tell out of embarrassment. In some cases, it is also related to remorse, because if what you want to hide is not right, you feel bad and have double reason to want to protect it. The best advice is to start freeing yourself from your secrets and tell them to someone you trust.

Dreaming of exchanging suitcases

Exchanging suitcases with someone by mistake when we dream is because your way of thinking is changing. It may be the natural process of maturing, or you may have opened your eyes wide and noticed something you missed before. Besides bringing you significant growth on a personal level, your whole life will change, and you will do even better.

Dreaming of losing a suitcase

Losing a suitcase in a dream is associated with people who stand out for their sincerity. You know how to express what you think, and you never lie, although you always say things with respect and knowing how to communicate without offending anyone. This quality is quite special, and few people can boast of it. You do not care what they think of you, because you do not judge others without knowing them and therefore, you relate to people of all kinds without any problem.

Conclusion of dreaming about suitcases

The double use we give to things acquires in dreams a much deeper and personal approach that allows us to know then their influence on reality. To continue learning about the messages your dreams send you, consult the meaning of other elements in our dream dictionary, you will surely be surprised by everything your mind tries to tell you.