What does it mean to dream of pots

What does it mean to dream of pots

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To dream of pots can have many interpretations. However, the first that comes to mind is that of the family, perhaps because we relate everything in terms of food and abundance to our loved ones around the pots. However, the generalized interpretation that is given to dreaming with pots is gossip.

Dreams with pots range from the type of material the pot is made of to the place where it will be placed, if it is full or empty, and if we are buying it or not. It can even have different meanings if the person dreaming of a pot is a man or a woman.

Meaning of dreaming about pots and pans

Perhaps for being such a daily and standard instrument in our daily life, pots are present in our dreams. They reflect our concern that there is no lack of anything in our families. That is why they can foretell us from shortages or economic abundance to warn us of our family relationships. We will see the different meanings of dreaming about pots:

If the pot is on fire and full of liquid: it augurs a united family and a prosperous future, enjoying health and well-being. Happy marriage.

If the pot is without liquid but full of rotten food: it is an evil omen and quarrels with siblings or very close relatives.

If the pot is empty: it is a sign of insecurity and family and financial instability. It speaks of the fear of marriage and responsibilities.

If we are buying pots in a store: it means that there are or will be difficulties, but that we will be willing to help when family problems arise to avoid arguments and have a good atmosphere of family coexistence.

Pots thrown on the floor: indicates stormy family relationships or particular cases that have not yet been corrected.

A pot full of food: tells us about personal growth. The more the pot is full, the more successful we will be in life.

A pot full of water: tells us that it is time to organize your life as you always wanted. But for women, a pot is an object of gossip and worry.

If the pot is full of dirt and debris, it warns us that someone is spreading unpleasant gossip and rumours, so you should tread carefully.

To dream that reflections are inside the pot means that your conscience is not clear and that you must apologize to someone to fix the situation.

To dream that you see a pot: you will know of the commitment of a friend. But it also represents frustrations and anger, boredom with specific situations.

Old pots: it speaks to us of marital disputes, about division of burdens and inequalities.

Pressure cooker: it means that you should keep busy to avoid time vacuums.

Pot of gold: expresses the reward, freedom or the materialization of our desires at the end of a path full of obstacles and challenges.

Pot of clay: you should keep an eye on the market to avoid irreversible financial problems in the company.

Boiling and overflowing pot: speaks of nerves or enthusiasm, enduring more pressure than you can tolerate.

If you cook vegetables and meat in a pot: it is a sign of severe and significant problems.

If you cook lunch in many pots: it is interpreted as the desire to live intensely and do great deeds.

If the dreamer is a woman and does not find the right size to cover the pot: it warns that an unpleasant surprise will occur at the most inopportune moment.

To uncover a pot: the interpretation of this dream is that soon we will learn a secret which will be good or bad, depending on the state of the food inside the pot.

Many pans on the fire: is an omen that you will have many visitors.

Dirty pots reveals that you have failed an important person for you, repudiating that act unconsciously and giving way to repentance.

Conclusion of dreaming about pots and pans

As we could see, dreaming with pots speaks to us from our desires of well-being and family abundance, our fears to the lacks, and the responsibilities such as the marriage.

To dream of this utensil so common in our kitchens leads us to analyze our desires and behaviours and pay attention to our shortcomings to know how to dominate them and thus conquer the success we are looking for.