What does it mean to dream about keys

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The keys are the dream elements that we analyze today. Many may even find it ridiculous to think that an object this ordinary and every day can have a meaning beyond the one it already has. However, in dreams, nothing makes sense, and a key can represent any crazy idea. In dreams, our imagination is unleashed and, together with elements of our environment, creates these visions, although some of them are messages from the subconscious.

It is essential to know that being able to interpret dreams is slow and requires practice. Not always are dreams significant and not always right, but the secret is not to lose heart and know how to play with the options we provide and your particular situation. There is no one better than yourself to know your limits and your circumstances.

If you have had a dream in which keys appear and you want to know their meaning, in case you have it, keep reading the following section. In it, you will find a series of contexts in which their respective interpretations are explained. If you do not see a context that matches your dream perfectly, do not worry, you may have to look for similarities or common features to compose the meaning by yourself.

Meaning of dreaming about keys

First of all, we focus on the general meaning that this element gives. We use the keys to access specific places or to close the door to others. This is something we already know, but if we think a little further, it is even funny how something small can hide so many things. In this case, these two uses are extrapolated to dreams in the form of two meanings. On the one hand, it is related to the desire to open up a path to reach a goal, while the other more extended meaning is that which speaks of precisely the opposite, of closing the path and hiding or vetoing the path.

Dreaming of a single key

In some cases, dreaming of a single key can also be a signal for us to make a change. If you have a life that is too monotonous and you need to disconnect, it is perfectly normal to have this dream. Your subconscious is sending you signals to find some interesting activity or to make more friends.

Dreaming of a set of keys

Possessing a large set of keys in dreams is associated with control. You are in charge of this concert, and you do and undo as you please. This offers a clear advantage for you, but it also requires a great deal of responsibility. It is effortless in your situation to hurt people because of their interests or your selfishness. You will have to show your common sense if you want to get along with those around you and not end up alone in life.

Dreaming of looking for a key

If in your dreams you are looking for a key, it is because you have some concerns in mind that do not leave you alone and do not know how to solve them. The key symbolizes the solution to all your headaches, while the search for the key is a reflection of your desperation and discomfort. If in the dream you end up finding the key, everything will likely be solved.

Man cutting a key at key cutting station
Man cutting a key at key cutting station

Dreaming of losing your keys

Something as common as losing your keys, in dreams means that you live in a loop that you don’t plan to get out of. You are comfortable in your environment, and although you know you should move, look for new opportunities, and ultimately move forward, you do not want to. The sooner you get out of your comfort zone, the sooner you can discover all the wonders you were missing. It is a difficult step but one that will compensate you and a lot.

Dreaming of key not being able to open a door

Trying to open a door with a key and not being able to do so is a bad sign. In these cases, there is usually a person in the immediate vicinity who is hiding something. These secrets do not have to do with you directly, but you could be involved indirectly. You don’t have to blame that person. They may simply be hiding this information from you so as not to cause you any more headaches and care about you.

Dreaming of opening a door with a key

If you manage to open the door and gain access, thanks to the key, something will happen in your life that will make a big difference to you. You will move on to a new stage where there may even be a new member of the family. We cannot tell you exactly what will happen because it is impossible, but to make you understand the magnitude of the event, it could be a move to another city, the birth of a baby, a new job, etc. Whatever it is, the change will be so great that it will mark a before and after in your life.

Dreaming of a rusty key

Broken or rusty keys represent the evil of love or frustration. Many relate them directly to the end of the relationship, although this is not always the case. If you are in a relationship that no longer brings you anything and the flame has long since gone out, you may want to consider this option, although if you love this person, fight to the end and try to regain the excitement of the beginning. As far as the second meaning is concerned, it is less.