What does it mean to dream about dolls

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What will it mean to dream about dolls? Dreams are a window into what’s in our minds when we don’t control it. Several factors can influence what we dream, but how we should react to a dream will be determined by the type of dream we have experienced,

Some dreams are the result of what we smell or hear in our sleep, others are due to biological causes, such as the urge to urinate, and still, others are the continuation of experiences of the day. But there are other types of dreams, those that seem to want to tell us something, as a kind of message that we must decipher.

Meaning of dreaming about dolls

Dreaming of dolls is a recurring dream for people, usually a recreation of childhood, innocence, and childhood games. But it could also mean a state of immaturity with respect to sex, so we should rather interpret the doll itself.

If you’ve been to the movies in recent days to see a horror film, starring a doll or a dummy, it may be reasonable that you dream about it because you saw it. Otherwise, it’s best to look for the meaning of the dream.

Dreaming about ragdolls

If you dream about a rag doll, you should pay special attention to your emotions and what you are feeling right now. You may have a very beautiful doll in your bedroom or on the couch in your living room. If so, communicating more with others and a little company will make you feel great.

If your ragdoll looks like you in your dream, you should pay attention to the moment you are currently living, where you are feeling manipulated like a rag doll. It is time to react, to leave behind that toxic person in your life, and start being yourself.

But if in your dream the ragdoll is broken, you are reflecting how you feel in life, where you think the problems that burden you have no solution, and that you are as broken as the doll you dreamed. You must overcome these thoughts and focus on how you want to see yourself in the future, and start working on that.

Dreaming of talking dolls

When you dream of a talking doll, you are representing your self. You are probably a shy person and have difficulty expressing yourself in the presence of others.

If the doll comes to life in your dream, it may indicate the need to make a change in your life, your desire to be a different person in a different reality.

Classic dolls on a bed
Classic dolls on a bed

Dreaming of possessed or devilish dolls

Possible problems with your group of close friends and family, perhaps in the family home, so be prepared for what may happen, so that you are not caught off guard. There may be people around you, with bad intentions, who want to manipulate and control you like a doll.

Dreaming of buying a doll

If you dream of buying a doll, it is a sign that shortly you will have the opportunity to achieve beneficial cooperation, from which you can obtain excellent economic and material results. You should prepare yourself and be alert so that you do not miss this opportunity.

Dreaming of Santeria or Voodoo dolls

The subconscious can cause dreaming of a typical Santeria or Voodoo doll with pins sticking out of it if you are a superstitious person and also feel fragile and vulnerable. You should face life with more optimism and stop believing that someone always wants to hurt you.

Dreaming of Porcelain dolls

Dreaming of this doll symbolizes the fragility of human relationships and is related to the cult of beauty and youth. It may suggest dissatisfaction with yourself for your current life and your desire to get out of that situation.

If you dream of being given a porcelain doll, you should be guided by appearances to value people.

Dreaming of having many dolls

Dreaming of having many dolls suggests that you pay close attention to your finances, establish priorities when buying, and above all, be careful with unnecessary expenses.

Conclusion of dreaming about dolls

Finally, it is essential to note that dreaming about dolls is often a very common dream, which can reflect many aspects of life, especially childhood and the innocence of being a child.