What does it mean to dream about coins

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Money, in general, is one of the essential dream elements in the interpretation of dreams, although, in this article, we talk only about coins. These small metallic objects do not do more than to fill our pockets, purses, moneyboxes and drawers, although the sure thing is that also they appear in dreams to make us see all that to which we do not pay attention to him or even to put on the alert.

If all the information obtained from dreams is adequately managed, we can get to see us rewarded. If, for example, a dream that we detect as a warning sign of betrayal, we may save a relationship of friends or wrong time. With a little control and knowledge can avoid many problems and all thanks to the dreams.

If you have had a dream with coins that even repeat and do not know why here we explain. Below you will see some points in which different contexts are reflected. Look for the features that match your dream and find the interpretation of the dream. Keep in mind that they are quite general, so you will have to adapt them to your particular situation, and you may have the answer to your doubts.

Meaning of dreaming about coins

Dreaming about coins has a general meaning. The main explanation for dreaming about coins relates to concern about money and its control. Many people live worried about money, and this does not bring any more profound meaning than this. On the other hand, people who are not at all obsessed with money come to have this dream even repeatedly. In these cases, the reasons can be very varied, although the most accurate defends the concern for workers.

Dreaming of well full of coins

Dreaming of a sewer or well full of coins from which we take them out means that thanks to your intervention, you will be able to avoid a big argument that could have even broken up your family. This is a positive dream that reflects your friendly attitude and your ability to reflect. You are an ideal friend and the pillar for many people around you.

When what you do in your dreams is to look for something you want and in its place coins appear, it means that in your life you are going to put your cards on the table and you are looking to know the truth. You want to see the reality of everyone around you, and thanks to this process of honesty, you will manage to find good fortune. This does not mean that you will get money, but that you will have luck on your side.

Dreaming of seeing coins at the bottom of a puddle

Seeing coins at the bottom of a puddle in your dreams can be a bad sign. If you realise this in your vision and take them out, everything will be fine, but if you just look at them, it means that in the future delicate situations will arise in which, if you don’t act very tactfully, they can turn into chaos for your life.

Dreaming of getting a coin at the banks

When we go to the bank, we usually get banknotes, but if in your dream you got coins it is because luck is smiling on you. It may seem ironic, but this dream is a sign that everything will be fine in the next few days, and you will go through a pleased time in your life. It doesn’t have to be lucky in the economic field. It can be more in the sentimental or professional area.

Coins and banknotes scattered on a table
Coins and banknotes scattered on a table

Dreaming of seeing someone’s face on a coin

Seeing the face of someone scary on a dream coin is a reflection of one of our greatest fears, that we will not be able to fulfil our dreams. You may have a good life in a way and have no complaints, but you know that you have not achieved any of your main goals, and that makes you feel bad. In some cases, it hasn’t happened yet, but you know that it’s almost impossible for it to come true.

Dreaming of a coin with a butterfly on it

If on the other hand, the coin has a picture of a butterfly printed on it, your spiritual level is rising, and your life will benefit from it. You are a person with a noble heart, and although in some cases you may seem somewhat rude, your generosity can not be measured.

Dreaming of ancient coins

Dreaming of ancient coins has many interpretations depending on the dreamer, although the most certain meaning is that of humility. These coins appear to remind you of some anecdote from the past or something that teaches you about your origins. People can ascend and succeed in life, but we can also descend downhill and without brakes. In short, don’t let your present or status condition your personality and enjoy life by being respectful of others as well.

Dreaming of a cup full of coins

Seeing a cup full of coins in your sleep is just the appearance of good news. Something very good is going to happen to you, or you’re going to have the best idea of your life. In each person, it is different the way, but always a better quality of life is achieved, and this dream appears mysteriously little time before this significant change occurs.

Dreaming of coins in a book

If among the leaves of the books appear coins is because the only way to get the life you want is through study. You will have to apply yourself if you’re going to see your dreams come true. Remember that it is never too late to study. Adults who choose to consider get more personal satisfaction than young people. It’s normal to feel out of place at first and to have to work hard, but I’m sure that if you start with enthusiasm, you’ll get what you want.

Dreaming of gold coins

When your dream coins are gold, you will have good luck and success in life. If you remember that the coins were filthy, but they were gold, and you left them shining, you are going to have to make a lot of effort to reach your goals. It will not be an easy path, and many others would have given up the first change, you, however, will know how to fight without giving up. One of the traits that define you is persistence and of course, stubbornness.

Conclusion of dreaming about coins

Coins can appear in infinite forms in dreams, although those mentioned here are the most common. We hope that we have helped you with your dream and that you can now reflect on the reason for it. For any questions, do not forget to contact us, as well as to share your experience.