What does it mean to dream of stairs

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Stairs are part of people’s daily lives, and we can get them of all types and sizes nowadays. The same happens in our dreams. We can visualize them in any shape they have or any size we have ever seen them.

Dreaming of ladders is intimately connected with our path to success, whether professional or professional, so if you have dreamed of a ladder and want to know its meaning, all you have to do is keep reading this article until the end.

Meaning of dreaming of stairs

Dreaming that you’re climbing stairs

Climbing is always a synonym for something good in dreams, but in this case, climbing stairs wants to give you the best of luck. Whether in personal aspects (such as love) or work life, climbing stairs represents that you find yourself climbing up to success.

Dreaming that you are going downstairs

Dreaming of going downstairs, in this case, is the opposite of the above. Dreaming that you are going downstairs represents that, either in person or work aspects, you are moving further and further away from success.

Dreaming that you find yourself climbing circular stairs

Having the dream that you are climbing circular stairs means that you have a goal in mind, and you are on the way to it. But you’re going around and around instead of just going straight for what you want.

Dreaming that you find yourself going downstairs in circles

Dreaming of walking downstairs in circles then means that you have good times and bad times. That is, you may be falling at an emotional or professional level, but it’s not a direct fall.

Dreaming that you’re sitting right in the middle of a staircase

If you have a dream where you’re sitting right in the middle of a staircase, then it means that halfway to a goal you’ve stalled. You have to keep climbing!

They are dreaming that you are sitting right at the bottom of a staircase

To dream that you are sitting on the lowest step of a ladder then means that you are at the gates of the path to achieving that which you have always wanted, but for some reason, you are not climbing it.

Dreaming that you are sitting at the top of a staircase

These dreams are usually a very good omen. They mean that you’re at a high point in your life, whether in your personal or professional life. And that you’re holding steady there.

Beautiful spiral wooden stairs
Beautiful spiral wooden stairs

Dreaming that you’re afraid of falling off a ladder

Dreaming that you find yourself climbing or descending a ladder, and you’re scared of falling, can reflect your inner fear of failing to reach your goals and therefore collapsing down without having reached the top of your dreams.

Dreaming that you are at the base of a ladder

But you are afraid to climb it. If you dream that you are at the bottom of the ladder, but then there is a feeling that you cannot climb it, this means that even though you know what to do to succeed, your nerves keep you paralyzed from moving forward.

Dreaming of cleaning a ladder

These dreams mean that perhaps the path you need to follow to achieve the goal you have set is a little dirty and you will have to clean it up, either from relationships or toxic behaviours, to keep moving forward. What does it mean to dream of cleaning?

Conclusion of dreaming of stairs

Dreaming about stairs then, with everything you have already read, relates to our inner feelings and our perception of where we are on the way to fulfilling the goals we have set.

It depends on the height where you visualize yourself wanting to represent how close to your dreams you feel in your life.

Paying attention to these dreams is of utmost importance, as a simple detail can completely change the dream’s meaning. And when it comes to the path to our success, it is best to receive the messages sent to us by our subconscious.