What does it mean to dream of Ouija Board

What does it mean to dream about Ouija board

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Although dreaming of the Ouija is not a very common dream, it appears in some people’s dreams. In most of the people in which this dream occurs is because we are talking about a particular group of society, that is, they are always superstitious people, people with great fear of the unknown or people who have recently seen, heard or even practised spiritism with one of these boards as a means of communication. In this last case, something appears in dreams because you have had recent contact, either directly or indirectly, which causes the annulment of its meaning. After all, we are not talking about anything significant.

To better understand what kind of dreams we are talking about, we present below the different contexts in which we group dreams with their respective meanings. To make it easier for you to locate the most important elements of the dream, we have highlighted in bold those most similar elements to each individual’s dreams.

Meanings of dreaming about the Ouija Board

In general, dreaming of the Ouija board is usually associated with people who have lost someone special and somehow wish to see them again. In these cases, it is a common thing that you should not worry about because you miss a person and dreaming of the Ouija board is nothing more than an expression of affection. Some people are presented with this dream when they have not been able to say goodbye or clarify certain issues before the loss.

Dreaming of using Ouija board

When you use the Ouija board in dreams, and the devil appears, you are hiding many fears about something that happened in the past. You are unable to lift your head to move forward. This can have severe consequences in your life. If you do not fight to overcome these fears, your romantic or social relationships will most likely deteriorate. Do not let these past problems mark you so much today, and strive as much as possible to show your authentic personality.

Dreaming of playing with the Ouija board

To dream that you play with the Ouija board is a sign of remorse. You have lost someone important in your life. Whether the relationship was good or bad, you now feel bad about specific past issues. One way to feel better about yourself is through this dream. You seek to communicate with that person to show them what you think and get rid of that emotional burden you are carrying around.

Dreaming of seeing someone practicing spiritism

To see someone you know practising spiritism in a dream is because you know that person has behaved badly with you or someone around you. The truth is that it has not been entirely correct. However, it is not necessary to say anything. That person knows he has poorly acted, which is why he will apologize and try to fix it. He/she is not a bad person, and everyone has the right to make mistakes. Don’t let your impulses control you and put yourself in their place. You will surely learn a lot from this minor incident.

Dreaming of having an Ouija séance alone

Having a séance where you are alone, and you feel bad when you dream is a bad omen. This means that no matter how hard you try to do things right and communicate with everyone, there will always be someone in your environment who betrays you. The only way to avoid many of the problems you may have is to prevent a particular company. Think about the people who bring positive aspects to your life and avoid those who only get you displeasure and headaches.

Dreaming of practicing spiritualism with the Ouija board

Suppose in the dream you practice spiritualism with the Ouija board. However, you also see certain spirits and communicate with them. In that case, you will get at least several opportunities that you have always wanted to have. However, the outcome of them will depend on your emotions. If you were quite happy during this encounter, everything would go well. However, suppose you were afraid or uncomfortable. In that case, you will likely have problems or fail to achieve your goals.

Conclusion of dreaming about the Ouija Board

These are the dreams related to the Ouija board that is most often repeated among society. However, these dreams should not be confused with spirits, as they have their meaning. Consult both articles to correctly analyze your dream and discover what they say about you. We hope to have experiences and learn a little more about these exciting dreams.