What does it mean to dream of lime or guinep

What does it mean to dream of lime or guinep

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Lime is not a green lemon but a different type of fruit. Dreams that have a lime motif can have several interpretations, considering that the actual piece of fruit is bitter but tasty, suggesting that they can have both positive and negative connotations.

Lime/Guinep dream meanings

Green guinep dream meanings

To dream of green guinep symbolizes difficulties when it comes to doing business. If you do something in which you must respect deadlines, lime could bring you a period in which you will experience many delays and, consequently, financial problems. If you do not solve that problem quickly, you could lose a good business reputation.

To dream of eating a lime

If you dream of eating a lime, you should expect negative experiences when it comes to love. There is a possibility that your partner is cheating on you or no longer has the same feelings for you, which is your fault alone. Ask yourself if you have a reason to feel guilty, and you will probably find the cause of the problems in your relationship.

Dreaming of other people eating a lime

There is a chance that you will reveal someone’s secrets if you have these dreams, so you will be able to decide on someone’s happiness or misery. Be careful in determining what someone’s faith will be, especially since you would not want their fate to be in someone else’s hands.

To dream of squeezing lime

A dream in which you are squeezing lime usually symbolizes a considerable upcoming financial loss, but that doesn’t have to do with a loss of money but with important financial investments. Squeezing lime may mean that your investment will pay off double, but if you are doing it for someone else, that symbolizes a financial loss.

To dream of lime juice

To dream of drinking lime juice symbolizes your health, although it may represent your business and financial situation. If it is tasty and you like to drink it, your health is good, except for minor problems, and you have nothing to worry about. If the juice is very bitter and unpleasant, you should visit a doctor because you may be suffering from something that is not easy to discover.

To dream of giving a lime to someone

When you dream of giving someone a lime, the person you have given it to may suffer from your negligence, which is usually related to business or some other social activity. It rarely has anything to do with love. Be careful with your actions, especially if you love the person you might hurt. Be careful even if you are not close to them because bad behavior could backfire on you.

To dream of receiving a lime

If you dream of receiving a lime as a gift, you should beware of mistakes and reckless moves when it comes to both business and private life. They will not result from carelessness but exhaustion, so it would be best to rest before performing important tasks or making decisions that could affect the rest of your life.

To dream of buying lime

Buying lime in a dream usually means that you will do something risky to make a profit. You may invest money in something that does not guarantee but promises a lot of money. However, be careful and do not give all your savings on that. In the end, ask yourself what you will pay your bills with if you are unsuccessful in your attempt.

To dream of selling lime

Selling lime in a dream means getting a business opportunity that you will not find reliable. The reason for the distrust lies that the offer is coming from someone who does not have a good reputation. Before you turn it down, make sure you find out everything. You may regret missing out on something like this because you have let prejudice affect your decision-making.

To dream of stealing the lime

Stealing lime in a dream means that you will make slow progress. You do something that takes you a long time. You expect positive results, but they are not yet visible. You are a persistent person by nature, so giving up would fail you even if you thought about it. If you continue to be tenacious and hardworking and stay motivated, your future will be bright.

To dream of other people stealing your lime

If you dream of someone stealing your lime, it means that someone’s criticism could hurt you. Your superior may praise or reward your colleague while advising you to work harder and better. You may even get it from a loved one who wants the best for you, but your vanity will not allow you to take it the right way.

To dream of throwing lime

Throwing lime in a dream means not taking care of your health. You ignore symptoms you’ve had for a while, don’t keep track of what you eat, and don’t get enough exercise. All of this is negatively affecting your body and mind. It’s time to change habits if you want to be carefree as you reach old age.

Dreaming of other people throwing lime

A dream in which you see another person throwing lime signifies that you are worried about a loved one. You sense that something is not right, but that person doesn’t want to admit it. You’ve tried to approach them on several occasions and find out what’s going on so you can help. It may be time to stop dwelling on it and wait for the time when your loved one decides they want to confide in you.

To dream of planting a lime tree

Planting lime in a dream means that you will experience great success in the future. That may not be something you have fantasized about, but you will face positive changes. That especially applies to people who go to school or work in a private company. Success may come in the form of an excellent business partner for those in personal business.

Dreaming of other people planting lime

If you see someone else planting lime in a dream, you will be jealous of a person around you. You will realize that they have everything you have always fantasized about. Instead of taking them as proof that it is possible to achieve something like that, you will only poison yourself with negative emotions. If you move, make a plan and make sure to carry it out, you will also be able to get everything you want.

To dream of picking lime

Picking lime in a dream means that the reward for the effort you have invested in something will disappoint you. Your boss may have promised you a stimulus that did not exceed your expectations, or your salary increase will be less than you expected.

To dream of other people picking up lime

If you see another person picking up lime in your dream, it means that someone will take credit for a job you have done. You are not confrontational, so you will not say anything. If you want people to respect you more, you will have to stand up for yourself more often.

To dream of making a lime pie

If you dream of making a key lime pie, you are an aesthete. Your love for beautiful things knows no bounds. Everyday things often surprise you, but the people around you do not understand why you are impressed by nature, the shape of clouds or raindrops in a pond on the street. You feel sorry for those who do not see the beauty around them and within them.

To dream of eating a lime pie

Eating a key lime pie in a dream may mean that you will soon receive your dear guests in your home. People you haven’t seen in a while will come to visit you, and you will enjoy their company. You will be the best host possible so that they leave your home full of nice impressions and memories.

To dream of peeling lime

Peeling lime in a dream means that you will know how to take advantage of the opportunity you will have in the future. Lately, you have been thinking about missed opportunities, wondering what would have happened if you had used them. However, something you won’t want to turn down will happen soon, an excellent stepping stone to a bright future.

To dream of grating lime peel

Grating lime peel in a dream usually means that you miss great things in life due to trivial ones. You pay attention to unimportant situations and people in your life while ignoring those that deserve your attention. Talk to your loved ones, ask them how they feel, and share your problems with the people you care about. You have to stop ignoring everyone around you because of your problems. Otherwise, you will be left alone in the future for sure.

To dream of rotten lime

Rotten lime symbolizes damage in a dream. You may experience losses due to bad investments, or you will have to pay back money to someone due to shoddy work. Damage may also symbolize a breakdown of an automobile or appliances. Be careful if you have turned off devices before leaving your house or apartment.