What does it mean to dream of crystal clear water

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I’m sure you’ve had a strange dream where you remember seeing clear water. It is not strange at all, because it is one of the most common elements in dreams, and the best thing is that its different meanings are among the most accurate because in other cases you do not have much information, while in dreams with crystal clear water. This also happens in dreams with water, as both are related to the state of mind and spiritual person who dreams.

Within this category, we can find many particular cases in which the same element, crystal water, has different meanings. Depending on the context, its interpretation will be one or the other. Some factors, such as the amount of water that appears, the place or the company, can reveal much more than you imagine.

As has been demonstrated over the years, the presence of crystalline water in dreams is marked by an unconscious mental expression guided by spirituality and energy. This means that its interpretation is key to knowing the state you are in, for it is your purest emotions that are shown.

In the following points, we will try to explain the most common cases in which crystal clear water becomes the protagonist of the dream. However, as we have already mentioned, there are so many particular cases that sometimes you will have to try to fit your dream into one of these more general categories. Dreaming about clear water is the opposite of dreaming about a dirty water. There are also meanings of seeing blood in water in a dream.

Meaning of dreaming of crystal clear water

You dream of crystal-clear water in a lake

This means you’re not a problem person. It reflects your peace and quiet as well as the calm life you lead. This is an excellent sign that should not worry you at all but make you happy.

You dream that you float on clear water

This is the dream of tolerant people who know how to accept and adapt to their environment. If you have dreamed about it, you should know that there is also another interpretation associated with the previous one, because it can also be seen as a vision of your present in which you do not intervene. You dedicate yourself to accept it and live in peace with it.

You dream of cold crystalline water

This means that your health will improve. You may not even be aware that something is wrong, but when your mind shows you this dream, it is to make clear the change that will occur. In some cases, it is an internal health change that is not visible to the naked eye, although it is related to external acts such as quitting smoking, exercising or a simple improvement in diet.

Crystal clear sea water
Crystal clear sea water

You dream that you are in crystal-clear water

In some dreams you may be the protagonist of a scene repeated in hundreds of films, we are talking about an idyllic landscape in which there is clear water, crystalline water in which you are entering little by little. The temperature, in this case, is not an essential factor, because it is a sign of the high sexual appetite you have or a clear example of anxiety. In these cases, it is best to try to improve your social relations and if possible, your relationship.

You dream of swimming in crystal-clear water

Be careful, swimming in crystal-clear water is not the same as floating in it or simply getting into it, so don’t confuse its meanings. When you are swimming in it, it means you have problems and complex situations in your life. The good part is that this dream reflects a release from such problems or situations, that is, they have been solved, or you have been freed from them. If, on the other hand, those who are swimming are fish, it means that your financial situation is very good.

You dream of a waterfall of crystalline water

Within this dream in concrete, they are many associated interpretations, because according to the way to see the waterfall, the meaning is one or another one. What it roughly means is a change. We are talking about a fairly big change in your life. If for example, look at how the water falls from the waterfall means that you are watching your emotions, your mood is changing. If, on the contrary, you are under it, it means that you feel some oppression or emotional stagnation, you should try to be honest with yourself and accept your emotions, because tyranny is never the solution.

Conclusion of dreaming of crystal clear water

You dream of a pool of crystal-clear water. This common and beautiful dream cannot have any other meaning than joy and pleasure. It is a good dream in which you will not remember much more than having seen an incredible pool of clear water.