What does it mean to dream about oranges

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Dreaming of oranges has a positive connotation, mainly we can associate it with success, prosperity, vitality, intense feelings of love and achievement of goals.  This fruit is already associated with rich aromas, sweet taste and vitamins. Have you ever dreamed about this fruit?

And like all things, they have a side of light and a side of darkness; these dreams can be both positive and pleasant and full of fears and negativity.  It will all be in the way you dream about the fruit.

Meaning of dreaming about oranges

Dreaming of yellow oranges: their meaning will be associated with the moment you are living in your life.  If you’re entrepreneurial, it means you have the strength, creativity and courage to achieve what you want.  If you have a tiring job, it may be a sign that you need to take a break.

Dreaming of green oranges: just as the yellow ones indicate that you are ready to start new challenges, the green ones show you that you still have to mature: a project, a decision, an idea. Let it mature a little more!

Dreaming of oranges on the tree: This is a sign that good things are coming into your life, healthy relationships, congratulations and recognition.  But if you dream that you try to take the fruit from the tree and don’t reach it, it means frustration for unfulfilled goals.

Dreaming of ripe oranges: Ripe oranges symbolize times of realizing your dreams, achieved goals, fertility, and if you are going through a period of negativity, it indicates that it is time to change your attitude to a more positive one.

Dreaming of rotten oranges: What do we do with the rotten stuff? Take it out.  This dream invites you to get rid of any grudges, misunderstandings, hidden emotions that may be bothering you.

Dreaming of big oranges: It means that it is time to be grateful, to have positive and happy times.  And if you have committed faults against other people, it shows you that it is time to recognize your faults and move forward.

Dreaming of sweet oranges: when you dream of enjoying a fresh orange, it only means that it is time to enjoy the blessings and joys of life.

Selection of cut oranges and citrus fruits
Selection of cut oranges and citrus fruits

Dreaming of sour oranges: unlike sweet oranges, these oranges show you that many problems are coming.  Refrain from starting new projects, as they could go very wrong.

Dreaming of sour oranges: eating this fruit shows you that it is time to be strong, not to bend to obstacles and to give the extra mile for what you want to achieve.

Dreaming of peeling oranges: taking the fruit and peeling it is a sign that it is time to take off your masks and be yourself, to show yourself as you are to others.

Dreaming that we are given oranges: this means that a nice proposal is the order of the day and also that they can be quite attractive and it will be very difficult to refuse.

Dreaming of stealing oranges: it’s as clear as day that if you dreamt of stealing oranges, it’s because you’re acting very dishonestly in life.  It’s time to correct the course.

Dreaming of oranges and tangerines: orange, our favourite colour denoting prosperity and success.  Dreaming of both fruits only indicates that you are on the right track, keep following your dreams and goals.

Dreaming about orange juice: it means it’s time to renew yourself, rethink your goals and self-evaluate; so you’ll be as fresh as freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning.  It’s time for positive change for you.

Dreaming of splitting an orange: it’s time to open up to others, to communicate effectively and to show yourself as you are

Dreaming that you share an orange: it means that you are kind, you feel love for the other.  If you share an orange with a stranger, it’s a sign that you care about your neighbour.

Dreaming of seeing a bag of oranges: seeing so many oranges is the same as telling you that you are prosperous.  You are on the right track, keep it up.

Dreaming of a tree with dry oranges: as dry as the leaves on the tree on the ground, so the opportunities slip through your hands.  This is what it means to dream of dry oranges.

Conclusion of dreaming about oranges

Dreams in which there are oranges are mainly a sign of prosperity, abundance, success, all the positive emotions associated with achieving goals.  However, we must take into account both the fruit and the action that accompanies it, because that gives a twist to its interpretation.  To one not so pleasant.

It is also essential that, when interpreting your dream, you place yourself in the context that you are living.  Dreams are guides to clarify our vision, make decisions and understand our emotions and take action.