What does it mean to dream about eggs

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Eggs are the dream elements we will talk about today. As it usually happens in this case, totally normal things of our environment like an egg, acquire many other meanings, besides the one they already have, when they appear in dreams. The most important thing is to know how to recognize those dreams that contain a message through the elements, context, and the dreams in which there is nothing to extract. The key to this is to know how to eliminate those dreams in which elements appear that we have seen or have been in contact within some way in our daily lives.

The main problem arises when the areas of the element every day as an egg. If we have eggs in the fridge and every day we see them or have eaten something with eggs, dreaming about them does not mean that the dream is no longer valuable, although it is a possibility. When we talk about meaningful dreams, we must take into account that they can be repeated, leave us with that idea in our minds for many hours, even days, and the element in question appears uniquely highlighted in the dream.

Now that we have more or less clarified the way to distinguish between dreams with and without a message, we can move on to the interpretation of them. To find the meaning of your dream, just read the following points and find the features that most resemble your dream. Once you have read the meanings, you can move on to the most complicated process of all, reflection.

Meaning of dreaming about eggs

In a general sense, eggs that appear in dreams are considered a positive thing. It is their almost spherical shape, which is related to the divine and perfection, along with their whitish color, which symbolizes purity, which makes the egg a good sign if they appear in dreams. On the other hand, the only thing that sticks to that element would be its fragile shell, since it breaks very easily. This can describe the dreamer and would explain his ease in breaking down in the face of problems or his vulnerability. In this case, it is usually a sensitive person who does not accept criticism and lacks security.

Dreaming of holding an egg

Holding an egg in your hands with great care has two meanings in dreams. One of them would demonstrate the paternal or maternal side of the dreamer. If lately, you think about having children, it is normal that this dream appears when you rest, because you would like to have children. On the other hand, this dream can also symbolize your concern for a delicate matter. You try your best not to break it or what is the same, so that things go well in your life.

Dreaming of a dirty egg shell

Seeing eggs with very dirty or even fragmented shells is because you feel inferior to the rest of your life or are subject to someone’s will. You will have to strengthen your self-esteem and value yourself as you deserve. Don’t let anyone control you and begin to bring out that personality that you sometimes hide for fear of rejection. Every person is different, and some find it difficult to show their true character.

Dreaming of a broken or rotten egg

Dreaming of a broken and rotten egg is because something similar to the previous case happens. We are talking about fragility and vulnerability. There are indeed people who intimidate and make us stop or at least measure much more our actions and words, but from there to letting us be manipulated is a stretch. In this case, the problem is not with the others, because no one is trying to harm you; you are incapable of reacting and taking out your personality. As hard as it may be for you to believe, the vast majority of people are too busy with their problems to bother with the rest.

Dreaming of eating eggs

Eating eggs in your sleep, whether fried, boiled, or just poached, means you’re going to get a reward. You may have already obtained it because you have worked very hard for it, and this food of the gods appears in your dreams as food to show you your reward. In these dreams we talk about significant events like a promotion at work, buying a new car, a house … etc.

Pastry and boiled eggs on a plate
Pastry and boiled eggs on a plate

In some cases, existential doubts may appear the question about what originated first, whether the chicken or the egg, about your existence, your main objective in life…etc. These questions in dreams are nothing more than your worries about everything. You are going through a stage in your life where even the smallest detail keeps you on edge. If you want to start being happy, you have to start disconnecting, let some things flow by themselves, and dedicate yourself to enjoy as well because controlling everything is impossible.

As is often the case in dreams, the material also determines an important aspect of meaning. If the egg is golden, you are a person who looks at material goods a lot and overestimates them. You are obsessed with money, and that is all you think about. Be careful because you can end up with nothing more than that, money, and as incredible as it may seem, you won’t feel happy at all.

Dreaming of egg made of wood

When your dream egg is made of wood, be careful. You’re going to have more than one problem these days and all because someone around you is going to betray you. It doesn’t have to be a friend, but someone who knows you well and moves in the same circles as you do. Watch your words and be very careful when telling your personal affairs, as they are usually the juiciest subjects to attack someone.

Finally, dreaming about eggs when you have a project in progress or another important plan in your life is a sign of concern. Animals such as birds or reptiles are born from eggs, and in your mind, you know that something important is going to happen. You worry about what may come out of that egg because you need optimal conditions for birth. You doubt the effectiveness of your plan and fear that it will be ruined. Try to relax and be able to do your part so that you can work more efficiently.

Conclusion of dreaming about eggs

With these contexts, you have enough tools to be able to go through the process of reflection in search of coincidences with your situation. Even if your dream does not fit perfectly with the contexts explained here, you will surely find some standard or similar features that will open the door to the hidden message. If you want to share your personal experience with us, remember that there is a comment section below.