What does it mean to dream of siblings

What does it mean to dream of siblings

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Dreaming of brothers and sisters generally means good news, joy, the importance we give to family unity, feelings of solidarity and attachment in our family relationships or our friendship and work, also in certain circumstances it can indicate our anguish in the face of very close situations in the affective that we perceive unconsciously as unresolved.

The brothers in the dreams can allude to conflicts of loss of intimacy or emotional balance and personal space with respect to our environment, for that reason we feel accompanied, protected in the figure of our more intimate relatives anemically and generationally, we think that they can understand us even better than our parents.

Meaning of dreaming about siblings

Dreaming about an existing sibling(s) might mean that someone in your family, work, or circle of friends makes you think about them. Welfare and income stability. A strong and intimate bond with him. Need for moral support or companionship. Nostalgia and respect. Sense of belonging. It can also mean feelings of anguish and loneliness if there is separation.

Dreaming of non existent siblings

Dreaming of siblings who do not exist could represent a very close friend or family member. You may wish you had one of the qualities he or she represents. It could mean spiritual or religious aspects. It could refer to the unconscious desire to develop qualities you are not sure you possess.

Dreaming of brothers and sisters

Dreaming of brothers and sisters brimming with vitality means that prosperity and success await them. They will have reason to be happy with future events. They are synonymous with good news and wonderful challenges to be undertaken.

Dreaming of having a baby sibling

Dreaming of having a baby sibling means a change, a rebirth in your life through the arrival of a new friendship, companionship, or romantic relationship that motivates you to escape from an unpleasant situation between you and someone or something.

Dreaming of a dying sibling

Dreaming of a dying sibling means the gradual breakup of a relationship that has already fallen apart due to unresolved causes or long-held grudges. Leaving behind what weighs us down and prevents us from advancing to new horizons of personal fulfillment.

Dreaming of brothers

To dream of brothers fighting among themselves means the opposite; that is, their relationship is optimal in real life that their fraternal bonds are close and solid.

To dream of a brother who took care of the whole family means that you feel that this temporary family bond persists. It is a relationship of unresolved emotional dependence that keeps you tied to that figure as an existential reference.

Dreaming about poor siblings

Dreaming about poor siblings and those with economic or other problems has an ominous meaning since it is believed that it is related to the possibility of experiencing a severe material loss or the news of a death in your close environment: bad luck or bad news in general.

Dreaming of dead siblings

Dreaming of a brother or sister who is already dead means longing for his physical and emotional presence, not accepting his loss, remembering the qualities and peculiarities he represented in your life, and the resulting void in your soul. It represents everything that still needs to be overcome to continue our individual personal life.

Siblings: Brother and sister using a laptop
Siblings: Brother and sister using a laptop

Dreaming of twin siblings

Dreaming of twin brothers and sisters means the security of a comfortable, quiet, and uneventful family life. Good luck in business ventures, empathy even with ideas or concepts opposed to your own, good fortune in life, happiness, and good wishes. Also, extreme opposites, disagreements, and even sometimes unexpected but happy surprises.

Dreaming of twin brothers fighting means hidden fears and guilt, insecurity, inability to ask for help from others, unassumed vulnerability, concealment of character defects, the conflicting relationship between the subconscious and self-conscious.

Dreaming of twin brothers and sisters that we do not have means the perhaps unconscious search for someone more like ourselves in the external or familiar environment with whom to share the sorrows and joys of human life deeply.

Conclusion of dreaming about siblings

The fact of dreaming about siblings in their different variations usually reflects repressed desires and unresolved situations in our lives for which we would like to have the physical presence and emotional support of someone else but very close to us, in our way of facing the day to day from the point of view similar to our own and that values our efforts.