What does it mean to dream about abortions

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We all know that today one of the most controversial issues is abortion. There are protests because it is considered a legal practice in some countries and states, as well as there are those who do not accept it and ask that it be punished by law like in Alabama state.

These kinds of news and events are all being stored in our subconsciousness and then come up in our dreams. If you have dreamed about abortion, please continue reading this article to get possible interpretations and what this dream can mean to you.

Dreaming about abortions possible interpretations

You see someone having an abortion

This indicates that your relationship with a particular person is not going well. If the person is not important to you, then the dream can be interpreted as a sign to re-evaluate your past love or a past event that happened in your life. Find out more on what it means to dream about someone

If you are pregnant or have recently become a mother

You should know that a dream about an aborted baby is not about your baby. This dream is but about yourself, so don’t let it stress you. The content of the dream could leave you worried, but there are several reasons why you have this particular dream.

You might be feeling that you are losing a part of yourself. You might remember a wound from the past or a problem that was not resolved in your childhood. Your subconscious is trying to communicate with you, asking you to look at what you feel about your childhood and learn to nurture and love to heal and be available to your children.

If you are a man and you are dreaming of abortion

It usually means that you are experiencing feelings of guilt and maybe anticipating failure in love or money. Besides, you could refer to a project that has become sour, or to your fear of failing a new project you are currently working on.

An injured teddy bear
An injured teddy bear

You are feeling your inability to execute something in life that is extremely important to you. You are being forced to make big decisions, which means you have to perform specific tasks to succeed. This dream is about taking on too much.

You need to keep trying throughout life and that the most crucial aspect of your life right now is to never give up on yourself.

If you previously had an abortion

It is reasonable to dream about it sometimes, even years after it was done. Society puts unnecessary pressure on abortion experiences, and women find it difficult not to be judged and feel that they are a bit isolated, and this can take their subconscious to their dreams. If this happened to you, I feel sorry for you.

Nightmares can begin immediately after an abortion and decrease over time. It is common to feel shocked, upset and even out of control after abortion. You should consider receiving help, visit classes or visit a support group where you will meet other women who have gone through the same situation to help you with the healing process.

Take this dream as a reflection of your thoughts about abortion in your life. I send you many hugs, and if you are having recurring nightmares, please consider the advice, it can help you move on.

Conclusion of dreaming about abortions

In general, dreaming about abortions represents the feeling of loneliness, guilt, sensitivity and possibly anxiety.

There is a positive aspect of this type of dreams in which you are looking for new beginnings and new directions in regards to a company or business.

The key message of this dream is to understand and overcome the problems that arise in your life.

Pregnancy is a pleasant time when waiting for a child. This dream shows that it is vital that we do not give up the enjoyable moments; this dream is related to how emotions are operating inside us.

Dreaming of abortions can also prove to be a dream of healing. You may find yourself working towards acceptance and resolution of your unconscious feelings.

Remember that it is essential to pay attention to everything we dream, it can give us answers to many of the unanswered questions of our lives.