What does it mean to dream of jewelry

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The jewels represent a and are a status symbol, since the beginning of humanity the jewels have known how to sneak between men and women, being considered as an object of great beauty. The jewels in our dreams can represent a great evil, since many times we are so greedy that we forget our center to go looking for more than what we do not have, so dreaming with jewels can represent a call to wealth or just the opposite.

Meaning of dreaming about jewelry

Dreaming of jewelry you’re wearing.

This is very important to interpret because on a personal level it indicates that you are a person with many principles and morals, that you value others and that you value yourself, as well as representing that status you have in front of the people around you by making yourself known as an excellent person.

Dreaming of jewels from a distance.

This dream means that everything you wish and dream of achieving will come to you, but everything in time, it is important that you polish your plans so that everything goes as it should or that you fill yourself with patience and wait for what you should expect.

Dreaming of jewelry in jewelry.

When you dream that you are in a jewelry store, you will have an unexpected success in your life and that all the things you set out to do will work out wonderfully, so be prepared to receive that positivity in the best way.

Dreaming of jewelry that you are given.

When you dream that you are given new jewelry is because you have a desire to acquire new knowledge as we know well that gold was compared with the education and learning of new things, acquire all that knowledge you need to shine with your light as much as gold.

Dreaming of ivory jewelry.

If you are a woman, this dream represents a lot of luck to come to your life; instead, if you are a man and dream with ivory jewelry is interpreted that luck has abandoned him and that all the things planned went very wrong.

Dreaming of gold jewelry.

When you dream of gold, jewelry is indicative that you are a very proud person, and it is time to see beyond and learn to be more humble with those who are in your life because, as we know, all good deeds that we do the universe will return all good.

Woman wearing bangles, great piece of jewelry
Woman wearing bangles, great piece of jewelry

Dreaming of silver jewelry.

When you dream that you have a lot of silver jewelry should not alarm you for a second, because these dreams are a good omen. You will have a strong future economic acquisition and also many gains from your business and work you do, it is important to know how to take advantage of what dreams have prepared for you in life.

Dreaming of fake jewelry.

This dream indicates that you are a very vain, self-centered, and uncouth person, so you could very well put your feet on the ground.

Dreaming of broken jewelry.

When you dream that you find your broken jewelry in the place where you usually keep it, it’s because you’ll encounter many obstacles in your path to reach your goals, but there’s nothing that with a lot of patience won’t work out.

Dreaming about the jewelry you find.

If you dream that you found a trunk with precious jewelry, do not worry because this represents a good run for you and yours in the economy, avoiding going through bad times because your economy will be stable for a long time.

Dreaming about jewelry and giving it away.

When you dream that you give or give away jewelry is because bad things are coming, so be aware that this dream represents bad omens, besides warning you that you run a great risk, and you can suffer a significant loss.

Conclusion of dreaming about jewelry

Dreaming about jewels can represent abundance as well as laziness and poverty, so you should be very aware of what kind of jewels they are before you want to interpret some of these dreams. It is also good to evaluate your actions and your life itself after getting the interpretation since this can mean significant changes for your future that can determine the course of your life.