What does it mean to dream about bags

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Although this garment is mostly used by women, dreaming of a handbag is not a dream that only they have, shoes and handbags are garments quoted by women and marketed by major designers around the world.

There are nights when you dream about everyday objects or rather about clothes, which are not given any importance. But this type of dream that has to do with bags can discover many things about your personality, so in this article, you will find out what the real meaning is behind dreaming about handbags.

It is curious how many dream analysts agree that the interpretation of dreaming with bags, defines a stage in which the dreamer must keep certain secrets, avoid being spontaneous and measure the words before speaking because it can help you preserve your privacy.

Others assure that it refers to the personal burdens that you drag lately, in their hands this one that tries to lighten the load that it takes in the interior. However, these interpretations cannot be taken literally, as they have subjective nuances that depend on the details of the dream.

Dreaming of a travel bag

Dreaming of a travel bag, as its name indicates, means going out with the family, it also symbolizes the need to be with our family for a longer time. But if in the dream you buy the travel bag it indicates that you will be offered a job in a distant city.

In the same way, if you dream that you give the travel bag as a present, it is a romantic outing; if a woman dreams of the travel bag but it is darkly coloured, it suggests a car trip; if a man dreams of it, it announces a work trip.

What does the subconscious mean when it dreams of a new bag?

The interpretation of dreaming of a new bag represents change; in short, it predicts the arrival of good news, whether it be family unity or love. However, if it is a woman who dreams of the new bag, it predicts that she will soon change partners and be happy if it is a man who dreams, it connotes a new job.

It also reveals the arrival of an unexpected family member or a baby, although you should analyze this dream carefully so that it begins with better freshness and disposition.

Dreaming of a black bag, what does it indicate?

What does dreaming about a black bag indicate? Believe it or not, it means that all the sentimental problems you have had will be solved. However, many analysts say that it also reveals the arrival of many problems.

In the same way, if the dream in which you see the bag is all black, it is a sign of subjectivity, suggesting that the dreamer should be more objective. In short, try to analyze the subject of the dream, and you will find a more balanced meaning.

What does the subconscious mean by dreaming about a red bag?

The interpretation of dreaming with a red bag represents deep and strong feelings, such as love, passion, fire, blood and war. If the whole colour red predominates in the purse, it indicates that the person is very active in his life and has a desire to take action.