What does it mean to dream about falling teeth

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I’m sure talking to someone about dreams has given rise to the popular dream of losing your teeth. It’s undoubtedly one of the most controversial and common dreams. What is also true is that many are the false stories that revolve around this dream, because depending on the person and the context, it can have one meaning or another.

We want to help you to know the real meanings of this dream. Do not believe anything they tell you or you will get a great unnecessary scare and check here the real interpretation of your dream to know if it is good or bad news.

Meaning of dreaming about falling teeth

Dreaming of your teeth filling up with cavities

Dreaming that your teeth start to fill up with cavities and therefore break and fall out is because something terrible will happen to you in the professional field. It may be something you deserve or a simple mistake, but the truth is that your reputation will be damaged from that moment on and it will not be easy for you to regain your confidence from the beginning. Be careful, because if you’re not careful, you can even get fired or rejected in interviews if you’re still unemployed.

Dreaming about upper tooth removed

If in your dreams you ask to have your upper tooth removed, it is because you need to make some fairly radical changes in your life. The most accurate interpretation for this dream is that it is a problem in the emotional realm. If you are in a serious relationship, you may not have much of a future, because you know yourself that something is not right.

Dreaming about upper teeth falling out

Now, the ultimate dream where your teeth fall out from the top means that someone very precious to you is going to cause you great harm. It can be from a death to a disappointment for a friend or the emergence of serious problems. One piece of advice for facing the future in the best possible way is to make the most of your time with the people you care about and be as careful as possible with your words and actions.

Dreaming about bottom teeth falling out

When it is the teeth on the bottom that fall out, it means that the bad news will not be so bad. It can be the same reasons as in the previous case. If it is a matter of death, it will be a distant person with whom you have a little relationship, so the impact will not be so traumatic.

Dreaming about loosing all your teeth

If it is all your teeth that you feel loose in your mouth, it is because the danger refers to you. Try to avoid unnecessary risks and go to the doctor if you have any health problems. In this case, it is you who is in danger of suffering an accident or other serious problem. Do not break any rules and take care of your health as much as you can. The truth is that this is just one of many interpretations because emotions play a fundamental role here. If in your life you are going through a stage of significant change and you have this dream is because you’re quite stressed and would like to advance a couple of months to return to be quiet. If when you dream you had a feeling of bewilderment but not fear, this is likely a simple sign of personal growth. This means that you are living changes and making decisions as an adult and in the most responsible way possible.

A woman with braces
A woman with braces

Dreaming about brushing your teeth

Dreaming of brushing your teeth is a sign of overcoming. You are going to have problems in the not too distant future and just as many times before. You are going to overcome them. You are a strong and determined person, so nothing will stop you from reaching your goals, but you will have to work hard to achieve them.

Dreaming about perfect white teeth

Perfect teeth, white and shiny in dreams translate to oak health. You can forget about your coat in the middle of winter and even then you won’t have a cold. Maybe this is exaggerating but what we want to say is that you are in a perfect moment to take advantage and watch a little bit your eating habits, this way you will already have a health of 10.

Dreaming that your teeth made from wood or glass

Dreaming that you have teeth made of fragile materials such as wood or glass is a pretty negative sign. This means that someone in your environment or yourself is going to suffer a severe accident in a rather violent or unpleasant way.

Dreaming about gold or ivory teeth

On the other hand, dreaming about gold or ivory teeth translates into assured success. Wealth will accompany you, and you will have periods of good luck for quite some time. It is an ideal time to make responsible decisions to continue to make profits in the far future.

Conclusion of dreaming about falling teeth

The teeth, as you see, play a very important and revealing role in dreams. While it is true that most interpretations tend to be negative, this is not always the case, so we encourage you to inquire into your dream and ignore the rumours. We hope we have solved your question with these explanations and if your dream is negative, don’t go down. Keep fighting like you always do, with your chin up.