What does it mean to dream about a teeth

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Teeth are one of the most popular dream elements, although it is true that in most cases they are dreamt of falling out. Due to strong demand, we have already explained above what it means to dream about the fall of teeth, so today we will focus more generally on dreams related to teeth, to cover other cases that we left in the inkwell.

Depending on the context and your personality, the presence of teeth in dreams can mean one thing or another, although it is true that many times we associate teeth with the security or strength of each one.  That’s why when we feel uncomfortable, we don’t smile, because our security or state of mind doesn’t push us to do so. To help you better understand this type of dream, please read the following paragraphs.

Meaning of dreaming about a teeth

Dreaming of teeth full of cavities

Dreaming of teeth full of cavities is a wake-up call. There’s a good chance you’re going to have some surprises at work. The truth is that it’s nothing serious, although if you don’t react properly, you could be hurt quite a bit and even lose your job. Don’t be afraid, assimilate the problems and be as honest as possible, because it’s an excellent way to get respect while showing your humanity. If, in addition, these teeth damaged by cavities end up breaking and falling out, you’re going to have to be especially careful not to mess up at work.

Dreaming of broken or rotten teeth

When your teeth are rotten and even broken, it is because you are hiding something that does not allow you to be completely happy. You will have to alleviate this regret and try not to make the same mistake again. It can be anything from a lie to a negative act towards another person. If you want to be at peace with yourself, don’t let something so easy to fix ruin your hours of rest.

Dreaming of perfectly aligned teeth

Perfectly aligned, white, shiny teeth are a sign of good fortune. You may get lucky in the next few days, but if there is one thing that stands out from this particular dream, it is your health. You’re going to be healthy, so we encourage you to start new healthy habits to prolong this streak as much as possible. Controlling your food or signing up for new sports can be a good start. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this small step in the long run.

Brushing teeth strengthens them. Brush your teeth daily!
Brushing teeth strengthens them. Brush your teeth daily!

Dreaming of a dirty teeth

Dreaming that you have dirty teeth means that you will encounter some problems in the next few days. It’s not a big deal if you start being a little more careful about your tasks or obligations, you’ll avoid more than one upset and smooth over the situation. It may be an argument with friends or co-workers, so it wouldn’t hurt to measure the words that come out of your mouth as well.

Dreaming of brushing your teeth

If you were brushing your teeth in your sleep, it’s because you’ll be able to overcome all the obstacles that come your way. I’m sure that once again, thanks to your strong character, you will be able to reach your goals without letting problems stop you. This is quite positive. You will achieve nothing if you sit back and wait for the storm to pass.

Dreaming of gold teeth

Having teeth of resistant materials such as gold or ivory is associated with abundance, success and comfort. In general, it bodes well for various aspects of your life, for we are not only talking about economic wealth. You will have really good people around you with whom you will share unforgettable moments.

Dreaming of glass teeth

On the other hand, wooden or glass teeth, being much more fragile materials than the previous ones, means the risk of an accident. Both you and someone in your immediate environment are in danger of suffering an accident or severe problem that should concern you. If you have this dream, try to be as careful as possible and don’t embark on adventures you don’t need.

Conclusion of dreaming about a teeth

So far, dreams related to teeth in general, although as we have already mentioned, dreaming that teeth fall out is a subject dealt with partly because of its importance. Also, it never hurts to differentiate between several types of similar dreams, since it is not the same to dream about teeth as it is to dream about molars. We hope we have helped you with your dreams and don’t forget to share your personal experience with us.