What does it mean to dream of pigeons

What does it mean to dream of pigeons

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Everything indicates that dreaming of pigeons is a good omen, mainly because dreaming of any bird is considered a symbol of freedom. Dreams with pigeons may also indicate specific interpretations of your daily life, such as wanting to start over or feeling caged.

Dreams with doves are undoubtedly full of many interpretations. Doves worldwide are also interpreted as a symbol of peace, while in the dream world, they signify inner peace. Dream specialists reveal that dreaming of doves is an omen of harmony, quiet life, peace, or tranquillity.

Meanings of dreaming of pigeons

To dream of dead pigeons

Having this dream with dead pigeons can be interpreted as a negative omen. However, knowing the meanings of pigeons killed in your dream, you can look for a solution to the problem you are going through.

Pigeons in themselves mean peace, but if they are dead, this may indicate that you do not have the peace you need so much in your life. You may be going through a time of great inner conflict and with many negative emotions.

On the other hand, doves also have a relationship with the transmission of messages. However, if they are dead, they cannot give you the messages you need, which can mean in your daily life that you have communication problems with the people around you and that you should look for a solution to this.

To dream of white doves

Dreams with doves, in general, are good, especially if they are white because it can be interpreted as that your living conditions are good. You are living moments of peace and tranquillity. Therefore, realizing your goals in these periods is very favourable.

Dreaming of one or more white or light-colored doves is very positive. It can also represent your way out of difficult situations. You will achieve reconciliation with people with whom you are distanced.

If you have not had any conflict with anyone, dreaming of white doves may indicate that you will receive a surprise that will please you very much or that you will receive some results from your work. In general, white doves bring good luck.

To dream of pigeons flying

If your dream pigeons are flying, gliding freely in the sky, then it is a very positive omen. It means that very positive people surround you for your life, who are noble and constructive for you.

Doves flying also mean good news, so it is very certain that you will receive good news during the days around your dream, perhaps something you have been waiting for, getting a good job, a promotion in your job or the welcome of a new person to the family.

To dream of black doves

The color of the doves can represent a very different meaning in your dream. If the dove is black, you should keep in mind that problems and sadness abound in your life. The black color in doves implies that you have no peace, and there are issues to be resolved that are affecting you.

To dream of red doves

The meaning of dreaming of red doves can be loaded with negativity. Mainly they can be signalling the coming of a time of tragedy and disaster, especially if you find yourself during many external conflicts.

It can also be interpreted as that you should solve all those problems you have in your life, close those conflicts, and get a fuller life, free of complications that allow you to live a peaceful life.

To dream of attacking pigeons

An indicator of bad news, attacking pigeons may be giving you a message. It is possible that you receive bad news or that there is someone who is spreading false rumours related to you. They may also be related to your finances or investments you have made in the past.

Dreaming of many pigeons

Dreaming of pigeons can have many meanings, especially if they are a flock of them, but what you have to look at is your feelings during the dream, whether of distress or happiness. Also, the color that the group of pigeons had.

Conclusion of dreaming of pigeons

Dreams with doves will always indicate peace and happiness, either because you are going through a quiet time or because the dream is an indication that you should get peace and close the conflicts that distress you.