What does it mean to dream of an owl

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Dreaming of owls can be considered one of the best dream omens that can exist. These animals are directly linked with intelligence and wisdom, and since the first writings of the ancient Greek civilization, they are considered birds of good news and good omen. We must take into account that when dreaming about animals, we must take the symbolism by which it is governed. In this case, owls have always represented wisdom in many cultures, and it can also be said that they represent an excellent capacity for adaptation. However, it also depends on the situation in which one dreams, since it can bring representations of circumstances that are somewhat negative for us.

Meaning of dreaming about owls

The contexts in which these winged animals are dreamt of must be taken into account when it comes to achieving an authentic meaning for the origin of our dream. In most cases, they bring positive meanings, and in the negative ones, there are still various traces of optimism. Dreaming of black or grey owls: They symbolize great protection and have been considered over the years in different cultures as the assignment of a kind of spiritual guardian. However, this protection does not mean the immediate easiness of things. Instead, it will be a reinforcement of the confidence in yourself to face some adversities. Dreaming of White Owls: These dreams in which white owls appear are loaded with wisdom that appears and fills our lives. In turn, it symbolizes that appearances can be deceiving, and you should not get carried away by the appearances that some people present. These people will teach you much and be of great help in your life. Also, as with the black owls, they represent excellent protection (even much greater than that represented by the black or gray owls). It can be said that they symbolize the species of a guardian animal that watches over us and helps us with good fortune. This spiritual protection that it represents will free you from some specific conflict that will harm you in a significant way. Still, thanks to the appearance of the spiritual protection, you will come out of the situation you might be facing intact. Dreaming of brown owls: These dreams are often taken as a warning. They speak about an illness that you must overcome quickly to avoid repercussions. They also symbolize that you don’t feel comfortable with specific environments that are uncomfortable for you, forcing you to get into a fight with someone in your environment, creating certain enmities from time to time. You must be careful with these dreams and take the warnings that they involve very seriously.
Beautiful white and brown owl
Beautiful white and brown owl
In turn, there are many different ways to dream about owls of different colors. These ways can be: Dreaming of flying owls: It means the arrival of a good season for you. Forecast many signs that bring good fortune in different ways. It can be directly linked to obtaining the money that was not expected, but that will be of great help and will be enough to meet all the goals that we set. Dreaming that an owl quacks while flying: It can symbolize various gossip and rumors from your enemies or people with whom you have little sympathy. Some rivals might be talking behind your back to compromise your prestige and leave you worse off in front of other people. Dreaming of a squawking white owl: This means that there will be a lot of success in your home and work environment. Dreaming of being watched by an owl: It means that you have to be careful with people around you who want to harm you and are a hindrance in your professional life. Dreaming of an owl as a pet: You can announce an upcoming trip with a very important person.

Conclusion of dreaming about owls

These animals of great wisdom are among the principal ones that denote good fortune and profess the coming of intelligence and prosperity for ourselves, so we should not be afraid to dream about them or consider them a nightmare. Although people associate them with dark animals because they are nocturnal, they do not imply any bad omen.