What does it mean to dream about cats

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Cats, along with snakes, are the animals that appear most often in dreams. If you have had one of these dreams in which cats are the protagonists, we recommend you read the rest of the article, as you will understand much better the presence and explanation of them. Although traditionally black cats are associated with bad luck, this is not always the case, so the best option is to find out the meaning of your dream before you get scared before your time, because in some cases, the presence of cats in dreams is even positive. However, it is not the most common.

Since Egyptian culture, when cats were already considered a divine element of beauty and respect, they have gradually become very important pets.  Next, we explained in detail the different contexts in which the cats appear in dreams and their respective interpretations.

Meanings of dreaming about cats

Dreaming of a cat footprint

Dreaming of a cat’s footprints is a symbol of betrayal. Someone around you is trying to hurt you, but he is not a bad person, so he does not know how to do it. It will be straightforward for you to find out who it is, and it will probably not hurt you at all. We recommend that you forget what happened and forgive this person because anyone makes a mistake, and the best way to solve the problem is to forgive.

Dreaming of cat meowing or purring

When in your dreams, you hear a cat meowing or purring is because, again, you are surrounded by people who seek to hurt you, although in this case, it is false people. We are talking about people with a double face and nothing clear, so you have to walk with feet of lead to avoid having severe problems. They may have already caused you some problems or an uncomfortable situation, although if you discover them now, everything will be fixed.

Dreaming of petting a cat

Petting an orange or yellow cat is a sign of comfort. You’re at a point in your life where you’re comfortable with your surroundings, and this cat represents total trust in your closest friends and family. You’re relaxed and know you have reason to trust all these people, and best of all, you’re right, because they know they have your unconditional support too.

Being pampered, petted, or rubbed by a cat means that you are engaged in a project. It’s usually related to the professional world, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best thing is that you are focused and know what you want at all times, which means you will achieve it. As long as you don’t give up, you’ll have everything you want, so don’t get carried away with other interests.

Dreaming of a white cat

When a white cat appears in your dream, it is because you are used to being surrounded by people who are not suitable for you at all. You find yourself in a kind of labyrinth of friendships in which you only come across people who don’t give you anything or who use lies or betrayal to relate to you. Don’t let this go on and look for the way out of this maze. If you find those people who contribute to you, you will see your life take a radical turn.

Dreaming of a black cat

The black cat, as many people think, does not bring excellent news. It is usually associated with infidelity and bad luck in love. If you have a partner, you’ll likely be cheated on. What we can’t tell you is the extent of the deception. That is, it may be a simple white lie or a big lie or infidelity. We recommend you to talk seriously with your partner and fix the situation because sooner or later you will have to speak.

A black cat that also tries to sneak into your house is because someone is jealous of you and tries to take away something that belongs to you. If the cat finally manages to get into your house, beware, because this means that this person will manage to take away that which he or she longs for so much. Jealousy is a bad counselor and never brings anything good, so we recommend you to take good care of your things and defend everything you have achieved with effort.

Dreaming of being attacked by a cat

To be attacked by a cat in dreams is the reflection of a quite extreme personality. You tend to analyze all the people around you, and in most cases, you are wrong, because you hardly get to know people. You just let yourself be carried away by appearances and judge without reason. The best advice we can give you is to start valuing people better and not criticize others so much. No one is perfect, and neither are you, sometimes a little reflection is enough to mature and start acting maturely and respectfully.

Conclusion of dreaming about cats

Dreaming about cats is, as you may have seen, a kind of inner alert that warns you about the possible risks that are approaching your life or a reflection of your personality. In any case, don’t let yourself be carried away by the appearances of the dream and check here if the real meaning of the dream fits in with what you thought. Tell us your particular case and help us complete this dream dictionary.