What does it mean to dream about butterflies

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The presence of butterflies in dreams can have hundreds of meanings, both positive and negative. Butterflies are one of the dream elements that most bring psychoanalysts to their senses because they are considered a reflection of our state, of our soul, as a part of us that uses the majestic appearance of these insects to show us something that would be good to take into account.

Dreaming of butterflies meaning

The study and interpretation of dreams is something that has been done for centuries, and the butterfly has always been present in the dreams of millions of people. However, we can confirm that in every one of them, the authentic meaning was different. If we were to find two people who have seen butterflies in dreams and both reflected insecurity, for example, even so, they would still be different interpretations, because we all have our own experiences, concerns and situations that make us different from the rest.

Making it clear that the interpretation of dreams does not get to explain the entirety of the meaning, but a part of it, it is essential to know how to reflect so that each individual is better known. We present you below a series of cases in which butterflies appear when you dream. Try to find the context that is most similar to yours and from there find out what happens to you.

What does it mean to dream about butterflies

Dreaming of butterflies is generally interpreted as luck. It can be a sign that something positive will happen or that there will be some positive change. This idea of change is very significant in these dreams because it is precisely the transformation from worm to a butterfly that shows the evolution for the better, the appearance of beautiful wings full of colour that also give freedom to the insect. Despite this pleasant meaning of joy and peace, butterflies do not always appear as bearers of good news, so we should pay attention to the following purposes, which are more specific to different contexts.

Dreaming of a group of butterflies

Dreaming of one or more butterflies flying through flowers and abundant vegetation means that you will get what you have wanted for a long time. Indeed, it will not be easy, because you will have to fight for it, but if you make an effort you will get what you want. This is one of the positive dreams, because in addition to indicating prosperity also serves to demonstrate the honesty of your intentions.

When a young girl dreams of butterflies flying around her is because it promises a very happy and lasting love, you may have to kiss a couple of toads before finding Prince Charming, but it will not take long to find your better half. If this is your case, don’t be distressed and let things flow, you are a sweet person who deserves to receive the same love from that particular person you have yet to meet.

Monarch butterflies on a lavender
Monarch butterflies on a lavender

Dreaming of butterflies flying around

If you dream of butterflies flying around you but don’t get a good feeling, it may be because of a change in meaning from the previous case. In this case, they are understood as a signal to make us see our inadequate way of acting in some aspect of our life. If this dream has come to you on more than one occasion, you will have to stop and check your conscience and find the problem. It can be related to work, family, friends, or relationship problems.

Dreaming of colorful butterflies

In this dream, the colour of the butterflies can help us better understand the nature of our mistake. If they are white butterflies, it is because you have made mistakes out of sheer ignorance, not to be confused with a lack of knowledge or critical thinking, which is represented by yellow butterflies. Finally, when they are red, it is because you have created conflicts because of your impulsive character.

The butterflies of bright colours and different sizes, mixed and flying, can have many meanings in dreams. However, most of them are associated with frivolous and worldly people who are fixed in material aspects or live in a bubble that makes them be this way. In other cases, it is merely happy to spend one of the best moments of your life. As you can see, the meanings can be very contradictory or strange for the same dream, so you must spend a few minutes to find the real meaning of your dream.

Dreaming of butterflies trapped in a jar

When several butterflies appear in a dream, trapped in a jar or any other container, it is because, in real life, you do not act freely. You may be letting yourself be influenced by someone else in your environment, although that may not be the intention of that other person. You will have to make an effort to recover your personality and always say what you think, no offence, of course.

Dreaming of catching a butterfly

Catching a butterfly can have different meanings depending on the dreamer, although the two most common causes are associated with singles or couples. In the first case, it will mean the appearance of a romance, brief but intense that may make you change your mind and see things differently. On the other hand, if you already have a partner and your dream of catching a butterfly, it may be due to the presence of infidelity in the relationship.

Dreaming about black butterflies

Finally, dreaming about black butterflies is not suitable for you. It can refer to people who are so generous and willing to help that they sacrifice themselves to the point of harming themselves or to people who tend to act impulsively and therefore unthinkingly, leading them to have problems of all kinds, such as with legality for example.

Conclusion of dreaming about butterflies

There are so many meanings associated with dreams with these insects that it would be very difficult to summarize them all in a single article, so we have explained only the most common and requested. Don’t hesitate to share with everyone your dreams with butterflies and let us all continue to learn about the interpretation of these fascinating insects.