What does it mean to dream of war

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The human mind is a mystery. It is capable of manifesting restlessness in the strangest ways, and one of the best known is that of dreaming of war. When this type of manifestation occurs in our mind, it is not necessarily due to some premonition, but to the need to attend to emotional problems.

Therefore, we must know precisely the context and not get carried away by what we see and immediately assume the worst.

Meanings of dreaming of war

Dreaming of war can have many meanings, but the most common ones are closely related to problems in the family environment or to internal conflicts derived from some enormous situation or problem we are facing.

Other interpretations of dreams where war is the center of attention can be the appearance of economic problems, hopelessness, or the uncertainty that a person may feel when dealing with a big problem, whatever its nature.

Also, this type of war dreams can be due to the subconscious manifestation of obvious problems to which individuals are exposed, like the news where current world conflicts are manifested and the excessive violent content of some video games or movies that are transmitted by television or the internet.

Dreaming of a war between angels and demons

This kind of dream tells us about the inner battles that all human beings have. This means that we are battling within ourselves between what is right and what we want to do even though we know it is not the best option.

Dreaming of war, but one that is taking place in heaven. This is a rare dream, but one that some people have indeed managed to experience. This dream wants to tell us that we will be part of some conflict with people who have more power than we do.

Dreaming about a medieval war

These dreams, more than any other, are usually given to people who have an affinity for video games. The fact is that their subconscious is taking them to a scenario that they have once experienced but through game consoles. You could say it’s a neutral dream.

Dreaming about war and bomb explodes

Dreaming that we are in a war and suddenly a bomb goes off means then that we have been going through situations that have been shaking us up inside, and we are close to exploding and letting out everything we think/feel.

Dreaming that you are in a war and your side loses

If you are in the middle of a war and your side suffers a defeat, this means that, in a typical situation, your side of reason is wrong and will face having to recognize the other side as the winner.

Dreaming that you are in a war and your side wins

These dreams can turn out to be an excellent omen because if your side wins the battle, it means that, in a typical situation, your side of reason is the one that will be victorious.

Dreaming that you are in a war and do not solve the conflicts

If, on the other hand, in the dream, you do not manage to resolve the disputes that have been presented to you, then this means that in your life, you will not be able (for the moment) to get out of the problems.

Two men in uniform at war in Middle East
Two men in uniform at war in Middle East

Dreaming of civil wars

When a person has dreams about civil wars, it may be because of the subconscious senses the presence of problems with people within the family environment, either because of difficulties related to inheritance or various family disputes. May tell us that we will be in a fight with a relative, friend, or co-worker in the next few days to sleep.

In the case of having this type of dream, the best thing to do is to study what the situation that is affecting the family environment might be and to address it all together to avoid that this might cause disorders in the relationships with the different members of the family nucleus.

Dreaming of a nuclear war

Dreaming of nuclear war may be one of the most important unconscious manifestations to consider. Usually, these dreams are associated with the need we have to exteriorize serious problems that are choking us and that we cannot overcome alone. This means that you find yourself stuck in a situation where there is no way out.

If the dream is recurrent, the best thing to do is to let off steam with your friends or family. Problems can be addressed by solving them alone if we have the support of family or friends.

Dreaming of an air war

When you have dreams where there are air battles, it’s probably because you’re facing some work problem with your boss. Usually, this type of dreamlike manifestations are associated with issues that occur or will occur with people of higher power and influence than us.

Dreaming of a sea war

The dream of war at sea is an omen of the arrival of a wave of trouble in which we must arm ourselves with patience, courage, and endurance to manage to resist all the difficulties that will arise.

It is said that the human mind has a sixth sense that unconsciously prepares us for trouble. It may be that the instinct we have manifests itself in that way, warning us of the coming problems. Therefore, we must be attentive to all these manifestations of the subconscious.

Dreaming of ancient or futuristic wars

In some cases, dreaming of warlike events happening in the past or future times, or whatever their strange characteristics may be due to a manifestation of the subconscious of an imaginative person or the simple reminder of this information by the subconscious.

Constant exposure to information about current conflicts in the world, the appearance of war games, or simply reading a book set in this type of conflict can cause this type of dreamlike manifestations, which should not worry you.

Have you ever had a dream where you find yourself in a war? No doubt, these are the dreams we see as a nightmare, too much violence and conflict around. But, if you have the joy of solving them in the dream, then you can resolve the disputes in your life.

Importance of dreaming of war

Dreams of war, as has been said, are a clear manifestation of the subconscious need to solve problems with people in our environment or the urgent need to deal with emotional situations or internal forces that prevent us from advancing or growing as human beings.

Therefore, you must analyze your dreams and learn to identify the root of the problem that afflicts you to address it and grow as a person, improve your relationships with your family, and not get carried away by fiction or the constant bombardment of the traditional or digital mass media.

Conclusion of dreaming of war

Dreaming of war is something that reflects the conflicts we may be having in our future and how we will be able to get out of them. If we resolve them in our sleep, we will most likely be able to resolve them in our daily lives as well.