What does it mean to dream of murder

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The countless action films, series like CSI or even investigative and thriller books, collect thousands of crime stories, which can make us dream of murder. While it is true that our environment influences our dreams, in some cases the presence of murder in our dreams can be special.

The mind sometimes plays tricks on us and copies elements of the environment that are both positive and negative. The murder is one of them and although it may seem somewhat difficult to understand, in some cases are messages that the subconscious sends us. These messages or warnings may serve to help us to know the features of our personality or to anticipate events in the near future.

For all those dreams in which there is a message, it is important to read all the interpretations, to know the different associations of the murder and to look for all the points in common with your dream. Once you have done this, you will have an idea about the meaning of your dream, although you will have to think very carefully about what the interpretation might refer to and try to act according to what suits you.

Meanings of dreaming of a murder

Dreaming of murder

It can have many meanings, although the most widespread, in general terms, refers to the loss or absence of something very precious. You may have recently lost a family member or friend and are saddened by it. In any case, it is best to look at the different types of murder dreams, as the role of the dreamer is key to knowing a much more precise and complete meaning.

Dreaming that one is murdered

It is often precisely when you feel a void inside. There is something that is not right and can be due to many different aspects, such as the loss we discussed before a loved one or something you wanted. In other cases, it may be a friendship that has been distanced until it disappears or even a job with which you do not feel fulfilled. The possibilities are so broad that it’s up to you to find the reason for this emptiness and try to solve it.

If you have dreamt of being murdered and persecuted

Especially in this second part, you will likely feel insecure. You are always living on the edge and never get full peace of mind. The best thing you can do is to rethink your situation and look for options to take appropriate action to save some money. It is always good to have financial support, and that tiredness will never end if you do nothing about it. These dreams are very overwhelming and often cause a rude awakening just when the dreamer is killed.

If you dream about your murder and you don’t put up much of a fight

Or you knew it was going to happen, it’s because you feel guilty. You don’t know what the consequences of your actions might be, or you might know the possible consequences and punish yourself for it. You don’t get any rest, and even in your sleep, you keep worrying. To calm your worry, you can only begin to take action, in case the results are finally negative.

A man is being murdered
A man is being murdered

Seeing in your dreams that the killer is someone you know

It is because that person has not earned your respect. You don’t like him and have always been suspicious, so it’s not surprising that he appears in your dreams with such a negative image. Indeed, serious problems have usually occurred between the dreamer and that person, although it doesn’t have to be that way. There are people who by affinity never quite fit in and are repelled.

If in your dream you have seen a murder committed

But you have been spared because you were hiding, you know you have poorly acted and had remorse of conscience. Somehow, there is a possibility that you have saved that person, and in your real life, you know you could have acted better. You do not have the inner peace you would like, because the worst thing is that your actions can harm someone in your dream and outside of it. Try to fix this before it’s too late and apologize by being honest.

When the murder is committed in public

And seems unimportant to others around you, many injustices are being committed because of you. They may not be injustices or problems created directly by you, but by keeping quiet and allowing it to happen, you become just as guilty. Open your eyes or stop ignoring reality and stand up for people’s rights, because even if a couple of people benefit from it, someone has to prevent this situation.

Conclusion of dreaming of a murder

The murders are in dreams, as you’ve seen, warnings or wake-up calls to dreamers. The truth is that we talk about very unpleasant dreams, but that help us to know better.