What does it mean to dream of drowning

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Usually, dreams of drowning or feeling that you can’t breathe are dreams that people have when they are going through moments of anguish and despair. Some experts say that breathless dreams develop in people who are afraid of being hurt or injured.

Meanings of drowning in your dreams

Although the meaning of this dream varies according to the context in which it takes place, dreaming of drowning or suffocation is one of the most frequent emotional dreams that leave doubt in those who dream it.

If you dream that you are drowning, it is a symbol that you are too involved in a relationship or an idea and this is clouding your life and throwing you off balance.

Usually, this dream can be a warning that you have gone too far or are too involved in an issue. If you see yourself drowning in your dream this can mean two things.

The first is that something is pushing you too far and making you feel bad. The second is that you are entering a period in your life in which you will feel under a lot of pressure.

Dreaming of a drowning person

If you have this dream it may mean that in a short time you will have to help or assist someone in your environment who is having some difficulty.

Dreaming of saving a drowning person

This indicates that you are always willing to help others. Usually, people do not appreciate or act as we would like, so unconsciously in our dreams, we thank ourselves for being so noble.

Dreaming that you are saved from drowning

This type of dream usually indicates that you are a person who thinks with a cool head, and analyzes the pros and cons of all situations thoroughly before facing them.

Dreaming of someone else being drowned

This dream usually means there are people around you who do not trust you but do not dare to tell you.

Dreaming of drowning at the beach

This indicates a bad omen, usually meaning that misfortune will come into your life or awful times. It can also mean that you are overwhelmed by something or that you have too many things on your mind.

Dreaming of surviving drowning

Sentimentally and in the realm of relationships, this type of dream indicates that you will be able to overcome certain situations that arise. And in other aspects, it points to your ability to cope with adversity.

Woman is drowning in water
Woman is drowning in water

Dreaming about a drowned child or baby

It happens in parents who are too busy. It can mean that they are losing contact with their child because of their occupations, and this dream is often a reflection of the anxieties that you reflect as a parent.

Dreaming of drowning in a wave

Dreaming of being swept away by a wave and not being able to save yourself and drown indicates that there is something in your life that you cannot handle emotionally.

Dreaming of drowning in a storm or natural disaster

Dreaming of drowning storms or hurricanes can involve uncontrollable emotions that occur naturally.

Dreaming of drowning with food

Dreaming of drowning with food indicates that if you take charge of your actions and your words you can avoid feeling upset or overwhelmed by things that we think are not in our control.

Dreaming of drowning without explanation

Usually means that you have no real or genuine problems and instead you worry too much and become overwhelmed unnecessarily.

Dreaming of drowning and not being able to breathe

It means that you have already hit bottom, you are pessimistic, this type of dream always means that we should try to handle the situations that we are presented within a more positive way.

Some people with disorders like sleep apnea are the most likely to have these kinds of dreams in which they drown or cannot breathe. Dreaming of drowning in dirty water indicates that there are obstacles in their way. Struggling to breathe in dirty water means you want to be self-confident in real life.