What does it mean to dream of crying

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Crying is a natural thing to do, whether it is for sadness, anger, or joy. All emotions can be expressed in tears, although some people find it harder to show that sensitive side because it is mistakenly associated with weakness. Today we focus precisely on crying to see what meaning it has in dreams, for it is a dream of the most common kind.

In some cases, these dreams in which some kind of crying appears, are considered nightmares. Dreaming of misfortune or unfortunate news is not a good taste for anyone, although it is true that these dreams can be very useful in your day today.

As we always do, we recommend you not to trust appearances, and before drawing your conclusions from your dreams, consult our dictionary. We explain the different interpretations so that you don’t have to look any further for it. Knowing the meaning is good for many reasons, although the main one is that it helps you discover aspects of yourself that you didn’t know and can also clarify the situation you are in now.

Meaning of dreaming about crying

Dreaming of crying for love

Crying for love in dreams is number one among dreams related to crying. Lovesickness is crying of the most painful and treacherous because when it seems that we have overcome it, any detail makes us cry again and remember that person with whom we have shared so much. If you have had this dream because you know that your current relationship or the relationship you would like to have with someone is convenient for you.  In general, dreaming about this kind of crying is a sign that something is wrong with your relationship, although it is entirely reasonable, and you have nothing to worry about.

Dreaming of angry crying

When crying in your dreams is marked by anger and rage, you know you have not acted as you should in certain aspects of your life and regret it. You have left some goals along the way, and they are usually academic or career-related goals. Although it’s normal to feel disappointed in yourself, it’s never too late to sign up for some distance learning course that you can combine with your life. Whatever you do, please don’t feel bad and learn to live with it. I’m sure that if you work hard, you can achieve all your goals.

A crying baby in a hoodie
A crying baby in a hoodie

Dreaming of crying out of pity

If the crying is out of pity in your dreams, in real life, you are not well. You may have received some bad news recently, or you may be a little down in the dumps. This crying is very painful, but it is true that as strange as it may seem, it is even healthy to have these ups and downs from time to time because they will help you come back stronger and make you value much more what you are and what you can do. Do not worry because it is a stage that you will overcome and sure that if you let those around you help yourself get ahead and take up your projects where you left off.

Dreaming of crying because of cheating

Crying because of deception or infidelity in dreams is associated with many different interpretations. To learn more about this type of dreams related to cheating, we recommend reading the article that focuses on this topic. However, when the crying is to other kinds of deception, it is different. In the latter cases, the meaning is related to bad company. You have someone close to you who can cause you great harm if you don’t react in time and put a stop to this situation.

Conclusion of dreaming about crying

We hope that our psychoanalysis of dreams with crying has helped you better understand the meaning of your personal experiences. The options are so broad that it would be impossible for us to list them all here, so we have grouped the most common contexts to make it much more convenient to find the answers.