What does it mean to dream of beheadings

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To dream of something so horrible and bloody is not at all strange. In many cases, these dreams appear when you have seen documentaries or movies about past times and some not so distant. Even having studied or had a conversation about the French Revolution or the Middle Ages may be reason enough. When this happens, dreams with beheadings lose that value, although another element of the dream may contain some message.

If, on the other hand, you have not been in touch with anything related to beheadings, then that dream does contain a great message from your subconscious. These messages are usually alerted that our mind sends us to make us see something that we are overlooking, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The best way to get to know in more detail what that hidden message says is through dream interpretation. To do this, it is necessary, first of all, to analyze the dream in as much detail as possible. Once you have retained as much information as possible, you can then read the contexts presented here and decide which one or two of them best suit your particular case. Once you have read them and found the meaning, you should move on to reflection, a process in which you can get as close as possible to the message.

Meaning of dreaming about beheadings

The general meaning of dreaming about beheadings is related to the interpretation that is usually made on the head. It is in this part of the body where knowledge and intelligence take refuge, and it is also one of the main motors of the human body. To know more meanings, it will be necessary to consult the different contexts in which the beheadings appear in our dreams.

Dreaming about beheaded person

If in the dream it is you who beheaded another person, you are going to betray someone very close to you, or you may have already done so. This is a significant person in your life, and therefore you should take more care of him. You may not have done it, or you may do it to harm, but you do know the consequences, and you know that that person is going to be very disappointed by your actions. The best way to solve this little misunderstanding is to apologize for your heart and repent, so it will not happen again. What you have witnessed is a murder, please refer to what it means to dream about a murder

Medieval knight in armor
Medieval knight in armor

Dreaming that you are beheaded

Dreaming that you are beheaded, that your head rolls and your body can move, even so, is most sinister, although its meaning is quite different. Such irrational and strange dreams are often given the meaning of betrayal. Now it is you who will feel the disappointment of someone you trusted completely. In some cases, this may also be something you were sure of and which ultimately doesn’t happen. We talk about promotions, trips, events or the purchase of some whim. Either way, you will feel sad and somewhat disappointed.

When you are decapitated, and you see your death without more, besides causing you discomfort, you may soon get an unpleasant surprise. Likely, you are the one to blame for this problem, but you did not know the possible negative consequences. This, despite being negative, may help you to be more cautious and to control your impulses more next time. You learn from everything, and this is one of those dreams that announces the future but helps you to reflect on your actions. Please take advantage of this warning and turn it into something useful.

Dreaming of witnessing a beheading

Witnessing a beheading in a dream symbolizes that you will achieve your goals. You may or may not remember the person who was beheaded, however, that person could be a total stranger or someone you know, but with whom you do not have much contact. The interpretation of all this translates into success because you will be able to overcome all the negative comments, obstacles, envy and bad intentions. Don’t be afraid, you have all the potential you need for this, and you will achieve what you set out to do.

Dreaming of finding a body with a cut throat

Dreaming that you find a body and discover that its throat is cut is because soon there will be a break that will undoubtedly mark a before and after. It doesn’t have to be your break-up, although it is usually the case. If you are going through the wrong time with your partner, it will most likely not work out because of lack of interest. Breaking up can be a very convenient, if painful, option. It is a sensitive and personal issue that everyone should value, but the truth is that this dream is not a good sign, and the future looks very murky if no change is made. If you do not have a partner or everything goes well, it may be a separation with a friend or a family member.

Conclusion of dreaming about beheading

Dreaming of beheadings is not usually associated with something as tragic as death itself, although it is true that the meaning contains negative nuances. The best way to deal with the interpretation of these dreams is to look for the positive side and try to benefit from the warning or alert that these dreams send through the subconscious. Remember that these are only guides and that it will be you who must squeeze the dream entirely in search of clues and coincidences.