What does dreaming about smoke mean

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Dreaming of smoke is not very common. It is interpreted as unfulfilled desires and longings that are presented temporarily. They are those desires and yearnings that we have, but that we see challenging to reach, the rich, for example, are yearnings that almost all we have but unreachable.

Other interpretations can be given as a consequence of having lived a traumatic moment. Like an accident where there was smoke, a fire, and they awaken in the subconscious fear.

Meanings of dreaming about a smoke

Dreaming of colored smoke

Dreaming of black smoke is an omen of trouble, a reflection of luck which, being black, does not symbolize prosperity.

Dreaming of white smoke – it is the longing for the moments lived that bring us joy, memories of prosperity, everything represented that we would like to live and have again, and we look for with longing. They also mean goals that we have set for ourselves and that we can achieve.

Dreaming of green smoke represents hope, nature, happiness.

Dreaming of blue smoke is the culmination of conflict, having made the right decision.

Dreaming of gray smoke shows conformity with your activities, whether at work, at school, and you don’t expect or yearn for progress.

Dreaming of red smoke shows you with the courage to decide, fight for the objectives, you are impatient, and in your desperation, you do not culminate, and you leave by half what you undertake, but that need for a response to your concern and lack of calm will come.

Dreaming with tobacco smoke

Dreaming of tobacco smoke says of your body’s health, to realize more sports activities, to eat healthily, to leave aside the excess of parties, alcoholic drinks.

Dreaming of cigarette smoke – this dream reflect if you are an addict to this vice, the consequences that bring to your health, possible respiratory diseases, maintain caution.

Dreaming about artificial smoke

Quarrels, misunderstandings, struggles with other people’s guilt that will leave you with a feeling of discouragement and lack of confidence in others, but you will manage to overcome it.

Dreaming of toxic smoke – it is interpreted as betrayal, losing the one you love, arguments, fights.

Dreaming about wood smoke – it means betrayal.

Dreaming of the smoke of a fire in which you can see the fire is when your enemies move away because of the defeat for not finding a way to hurt you.

Dreaming of smoke from factories and industries – it means that they reflect our efforts, our daily work.

Dreaming of volcano smoke – it is moving away from those feelings of being an impulsive person, but not adequately controlled.

Dreaming about you and the smoke

Dreaming that you are in smoke – it is the clear sign of worries, disturbances by episodes that cause you to fear.

Dreaming of fighting with smoke, trying to disperse it, and get out of the way – this dream means that obsessive, complex attitudes disappear.

Dreaming of many people in smoke: these are a clear indication of lies that people tell about you to get you into trouble.

Dreaming of smoke coming out of our houses is the fights with relatives, distancing wanting to impose the thought of each member.

Dreaming of smoke being thrown in our faces: this is a warning that the love we feel for another person is blinding us, and we do not see situations that others are seeing.

To dream of smoke from the chimneys of the houses: it is a great effort that is made in the search for recognition by colleagues that will bring us positive answers and successes.

Dreaming that we see a lot of smoke: clear misunderstandings with other people to whom we have not said things to avoid harm.

Smoke coming out of the factory
Smoke coming out of the factory

Conclusion of dreaming about a smoke

Dreams, where smoke is involved, will always bring us situations that we do not want to face, fears, and we seek to run away, cover ourselves with the blanket, not talk about it and that even if that is the circumstance we have to face things no matter what.

Sometimes we do not have the solution to that situation that causes us concern. We must understand that one of the best remedies is communication, not talking, being isolated, and shutting us down, which will only cause more anguish and anxiety.